Launching a Karaoke Bar in Bangladesh Analysis


KARAOKE AVENUE will be the first ever karaoke bar in Bangladesh. It is the place where people can hangout with their peers and enjoy the karaoke experience and quality food. We will have frequent live performances to encourage and entertain young singers. Our plan is to launch the bar in Dhanmondi since it is one of the popular places for gatherings.

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KARAOKE AVENUE has a great opportunity in the market because of the location we have chosen and mainly because there are no other karaoke bars anywhere in Bangladesh. The other reason is that, the huge population of youngsters in the city love to have fun and they never hesitate to try something new and unique.

Our Management team will consist of the owners who will be involved in making all major decisions regarding the bar, then we will have the bar manger, the food and drink servers, karaoke jockeys and the maintenance staff.

In the beginning of the business KARAOKE AVENUE shall not have any major competitor since we are the first karaoke bar in Bangladesh, but we might still see some café as our competitors, for example – The Stage (music cafe), Déjà vu Café, H20 Lounge, Kozmo Lounge and others. The reason why we might consider them as our competitors is that they are already very popular among youngsters due to their quality food and service.

Our competitive advantage will be our utterly new concept. We shall not only excel in karaoke but at the same time provide the most delicious meals in our bar. We will have well-trained staff to provide superior service. All-round entertainment will be guaranteed.



Our main goal requires that we become a “hangout spot” for developing singers in the areas of music theatre, opera and stylistic pop.

• COLLEGE STUDENTS: Creating an environment that is appealing to college students is important for our karaoke bar. Effective word-of-mouth and competitive prices will encourage this segment and our superior service and overall high entertainment value will create loyal customers who will look forward to visiting this bar on a regular basis. Youths will be interested in finding a fun place where they can spend time outside the house with people of their age.

• LOCAL MARKET: Hopes that by offering the mature atmosphere of a

Karaoke club coupled with enjoyable company and quality service and food we will attract the 29-40 age group to the bar. The bar will be built with this segment in mind. A comfortable lounge will be created for the enjoyment of the live music as well as small cocktail tables that will be offered for those who would like to eat a light meal while enjoying the shows.

• YOUNG PROFESSIONALS: The young professionals, ages 23-29, can be just out of college and still looking for an exciting night out with friends. While the latter half of the segment may be looking for a place to unwind after a long day at work and it is our goal to fulfill all of the needs of these young professionals, whatever they may be.

• TOURISTS & BUSINESS TRAVELERS: Our karaoke bar will capitalize on the fact by providing the business traveler with a relaxing atmosphere that can be enjoyed with business partners providing an opportunity to forget about work for the evening. Older tourists will be welcomed into the bar while younger college age tourists will be enticed to visit the exciting atmosphere of the club after spending a long day enjoying all that it has to offer.


Rather than only being a karaoke bar KARAOKE AVENUE will have many other facilities.

A permanent DJ booth will be constructed next to a dance floor as will small stage area fortnights when live music will be provided. Local bands will be invited to play from the college community. Our Karaoke Bar will sell complex and simple (high quality) drinks in a joyous musical environment, featuring many of Dhaka City’s rising vocal talents in the areas of music theatre and vocal pop. In addition to a complete line of beverages, there will be: a short list of very healthy nutritional cocktails designed for singers (and others); espresso coffee drinks; simple snack plates containing imported cheese, salamis, Italian bread; t-shirts and CDs of each night’s performances. Other type of foods including fast foods and certain traditional food items will also be available.

More than offering drinks, coffee and entertainment, KARAOKE AVENUE will provide community, that is, a cycle of performing, sharing, support, development and drama that is not found in any other venue in Bangladesh. Singers will feel at home because this place will be designed exactly for them. Other patrons will be entertained, not only by the individual performances, but also by the human drama associated with performance and development and the interaction with the singers. In the process, they themselves will become a vital part of the excitement, rather than just being entertained!

KARAOKE AVENUE will frequently host special events as a way to increase traffic and generate additional revenue streams. If our karaoke bar achieves success then karaoke idol tournament can also be sponsored in the long run. The beauty of these tournaments is that they generate recurring revenue by delivering crowds of patrons week after week since tournament contestants encourage their friends and family to watch them perform.

Other special events opportunities will include birthday parties, office parties and other celebrations.

Besides this, our karaoke bar website will become a community landmark. There will be scores of valuable links, event calendar, personal focus pages, live webcam feeds and hundreds of mp3 and video files to download. There will be a subscription-based service that will allow subscribers the opportunity to gain full access to audio library, video library, web cam feeds etc.


In today’s overcrowded industries, competing head-on results in nothing but bloody “red ocean” of rivals fighting over a shrinking profit pool. But one of our biggest advantages is that there is no Karaoke Bar in our Dhaka City or in the whole of Bangladesh. Hence, rather than competing head to head with established competitors, this Karaoke Bar can occupy positions in uncontested market spaces. This service has no direct competitors- called a “blue ocean strategy”; the goal is to make competition irrelevant.

However, there are many indirect competitors in Dhaka which also entertain people in many different ways than a karaoke bar which should obviously be included in competition.

Few examples of competitors are-

“Shisha Culture” is a new and latest trend in Bangladesh. There are some good Shisha Lounges in Dhaka city. Some popular shisha lounge in Dhaka are:

Déjà vu Café is both a trendy lounge and an appetizing restaurant. The lounge not only serves different flavored shisha and a variety of dishes, but also exhibits a dance floor where a live DJ plays.

Kozmo Lounge serves a variety of different items, provides a cozy environment with a charming view of Dhanmondi Lake. On top of that, relaxing music that matches perfectly with the lounge’s tone is played. Kozmo constantly updates their menu in order to provide their customers with a plethora of different items and tastes. Kozmo is especially popular with the youth for its trendy and contemporary atmosphere as well as affordable prices.

Thunderbolt takes pride in bringing to Dhaka the most authentic bowling sport, an American indoor game that has become hugely popular in the countries of South East and East Asia. Equipped with the state of the Art Brunswick bowling alley artifacts, that include the magical ‘glow light’ and the pulse setting music audio system, the centre is the first of its kind in Bangladesh, with only three of its prototypes in Asia.

Pool Lovers is a popular spot for hanging out as well as playing pool. You can find it teeming with students of the nearby universities most of the time. The food court overlooking the street below makes it even better. So, if you want to spend your recess playing pool or hanging out with your campus buddies, this one’s worth a shot.

These are just a few places to go for entertainment at but there are many others at present in Dhaka.

Customers in the entertainment industry flock to the most comfortable and affordable place they know. So this will be our main target.


The business has some strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The SWOT analysis has been discussed below-


1. We will be providing quality service.

2. We will hire experienced and qualified staff to run our business, and we will ensure training to increase the quality of service provided by our staff.

3. Another major strength is that there is no other karaoke bar in Bangladesh.

4. Our product or service will be well decorated, stylish and attractive.

5. We will use the best karaoke equipment available.


1. Ìnadequate R & D.

2. Since it is a completely new business concept in Bangladesh our karaoke jockeys and maintenance staff might not be highly experienced, but we will take initiative to provide them training.


1. We all know that the young generation is fond of entertainment and since the young population in the city is large, this provides us a great opportunity.

1. We will provide our service in affordable price.

2. We have enough resource to maintain our business.

3. Since it is an untapped market in this country, it is also another opportunity for us to exploit.


1. Political instability is a great problem of our country. Sometimes business gain goes towards loss for political unrest.

1. Electricity shortage is another problem for servicing. It increases our servicing cost e.g. running a generator.



KARAOKE AVENUE falls under the service industry. Therefore, our product goal is to provide the best service while maintaining our mission of great evening entertainment. In an attempt to reach this goal it will create a loyalty following from the large target market base.


For developing dramatic, classical and stylistic pop vocalists who need a full-time supportive venue to practice, express and network, our Karaoke bar will be an upscale yet lively and stimulating musical venue perfectly designed and developed to motivate and encourage developing vocal artists. This Karaoke bar will encourage and develop the careers of performing artists in music theatre and stylistic pop.

For lovers of dramatic, classical and stylistic pop music and supporters of musical arts who want to experience and support artistic development, it is a relaxed yet stimulating and lively musical venue providing near-world class entertainment and creative cocktails and fine drinks. This will also offer the chance to develop community with the performing artists and experience the drama associated with artistic development.


Customers in the entertainment industry flock to the most comfortable and affordable place they know. So this will be our main target.

Our pricing strategy will consist of a mix between competitive pricing and penetration pricing. By setting prices at an economically competitive rate it will compete with local competitors. A low initial price will penetrate the market quickly and deeply to attract a large number of buyers quickly and win a large market share. Our goal is to draw a crowd and retain customers based on the entertainment value provided. While this may lead one to believe that our prices could be set higher, we do not want to lose customers in our key demographic to other entertainment services who will offer lower prices. These prices will be coupled with promotions and specials that will also help in appealing to our target segment.

Examples of pricing by competitors are-

Déjà vu Café: Tk 500 to Tk 1000

Kozmo Lounge: Tk 150 to Tk 500

H2O Lounge: Tk 200 to Tk 1500

Shisha World: Tk 500 to Tk 15000

Thunderbolt: Tk 300 to Tk 2000

Pool Lovers: Tk 50 to Tk 500


Since KARAOKE AVENUE comes under the service industry and at the same time this will the first one to be launched in Bangladesh, the bar will be located in a suitable location. for example, Dhamnondi. Dhanmondi is an area where all type and all aged people can be found including youths, actual singers and other professionals due to schools, universities and offices located there. If the business earns enough success it can then be opened at other locations in Dhaka; may be Gulshan or Uttara and finally, in other cities of Bangladesh like Chittagong. Regarding the food supplies, we will have a deal with a local food supplier who will be providing us with every necessary food item.


1. DIRECT-MAIL: Sending out postcards and packets containing information about our karaoke bar to the local community in an effort to spark interest within the area. Packets could include coupons and discounts and other various incentive-laden pieces.

1. SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media marketing is a proven way to market karaoke and it doesn’t cost a dime. Social network channels communicate with existing customers and “keep them up-to-date” and at the same time persuade new customers to be encouraged.

1. WORD-OF-MOUTH ADVERTISING: Along the same lines, anything we can do to proactively encourage word-of-mouth advertising about our bar’s opening will deliver free promotional impact to our operation. It is consumer-driven, inexpensive and effective — research indicates that word of mouth promotion is substantially more effective than other forms of advertising.

1. CONTINUITY PROGRAMS: Creating programs in which customers are rewarded for repeat business in an effort to assist in the growth of customer loyalty.

1. COUPONS: Offering discounts on drinks and food in magazines

1. FLIERS AND POSTERS: Fliers and posters can be made available in College, University campuses, various shopping malls to attract interested consumers like students and other professionals. Also, with the permission of hotels, we can put some Fliers and Poster or some business card in lobby.

1. ADVERTISING: Advertising in the Travel Agency can be a good choice and paying them money and asking the tour guide to introduce our Karaoke Bar. Radio stations are candidates, since they host promotional events all the time.


Internationally, the karaoke boom has given rise to a host of ingenious niche industries, from karaoke sommeliers that put together playlists with impeccable taste to karaoke sensei to help you hit those high notes. Karaoke poses interesting questions about talent and authenticity, drawing our attention to the way pop music teeters between art and commercialism.

Karaoke has been successful in other countries for a number of reasons. For one, it appeals to a large number of people who love to sing, whether or not they can actually carry a tune. Second, it is also a great avenue for those who want to imitate their singing idols. Another reason for its appeal is that it encourages groups of people to get together and socialize. Wherever there is karaoke, the atmosphere is always bound to be lively and entertaining.

Launching Karaoke Bar in Bangladesh is totally a new concept. The project will either be a gigantic success or a massive failure. However, considering the recent success of entertainment industries like lounges, gaming zones and various other services and the interests of Bangladeshi people, it can be concluded that a karaoke bar will also be a grand success.

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