Life is too easy for young people today - High school Essay Example

“Life is too easy for young people today - Life is too easy for young people today introduction. They lack challenges and don’t have to fight for anything.” This quote raises a lot of arguments from a lot of people. I for one disagree, because I feel that life is easy for them, because they aren’t allowed to do a lot of the things that people in previous years were. They are a lot more restricted. Societies nowadays are a lot stricter with what young people can do, and what they can get away with. Young people are frowned upon by many people, as they are seen as troublemakers, when in actual fact, they have done no wrong. Young people are not allowed to express themselves through certain activities, as they are seen as disruptive to the public, so when they are indoors, chatting on social networking sites, or browsing the internet, or having parties or gatherings, they are seen to be antisocial.

The only reason their life is seen to be easy, is because adults complete difficult tasks for young people, as they can execute them correctly and properly, whereas the young person faces un-finishing the task, or getting it wrong. I think the statement does apply to a small variety of young people, but not all of them. I think the hardest challenge a young person a young person under 18 must face, is school and college. I will admit that primary school is no problem, but high school is a whole different matter. Speaking from personal experience, young people face the stress of homework, sitting through lessons that they hate, and spending time with people who they can’t stand. Class work and school work is a challenge in itself, as some people find it much more difficult to grasp the concept of how things work, and understanding work they have been given.


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They have to fight to get things right, and impress the teacher, and the more they fight to understand things, the easier it tends to be. However other young people find class work easy and the real challenge for them is making friends. Young people find it very difficult to make friends at school, which is quite important, as they have to spend the remainder of their high school and possibly college life with the same people. 1% of primary children suffer with social anxiety, which makes children have to fight to fit in with other people, so makes life that little bit harder. Young people under 18 also have to deal with exams at some point in their young life, which is a stressful task, and requires a period of time where the young person must concentrate on specific subjects which proves a challenge for many young people, as the pressure gets to their heads, and they must fight to pass the exams, which again shows that they have another challenge to face and they have to fight to finish it.

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