The Lunchroom Murder: Who Killed Fannin?

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The student believes that Customer C is the one who killed Fannin based on three pieces of evidence. Firstly, the cash register had been rung up to 8.75, which matches the total of Customers B, C, and D, indicating that it was done before the murder. Secondly, there was a right handprint on the wall, suggesting that the shooter pulled the trigger with their left hand, and since C is left-handed, it points to them as the murderer. Lastly, C’s silverware and coffee cup were placed on the left side of his plate, indicating that he is left-handed.

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I believe that Customer C is responsible for killing Fannin. The primary evidence supporting this theory is that the cash register was rung up to a total of $8.75, which matches the exact amount spent by Customers B, C, and D. This must have occurred before the murder, as evidenced by Ernie’s footsteps leading to the cash register after mopping (footstep trail Y). It is logical to conclude that this happened before the robbery took place, as Ernie would only open the register either to process a transaction or give money during a stick up. Moreover, the fact that the money is still present indicates that Ernie was not being robbed.

Both the absence of customer A and the presence of a right handprint on the wall are evidence that supports the claim that Customer C killed Fannin. It can be inferred that the shooter used their left hand to pull the trigger based on the existence of a right handprint.

Based on the evidence provided, it can be inferred that C is left-handed. This conclusion is supported by several factors including C’s action of pulling the trigger, which suggests a preference for their left hand. Moreover, the positioning of C’s silverware and coffee cup also indicates their left-handedness. Generally, when these items are placed on the left side of the plate, it signifies that the individual is left-handed. Thus, it can be concluded that C is indeed a left-handed person.

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