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Malaria is a potentially fatal unwellness of tropical and

semitropical parts. The disease is caused by a parasite which

is transmitted to human existences bitten by septic mosquitoes.

The disease is widespread in Africa, and over one million

people die of malaria every twelvemonth on the continent.


Within South Africa & # 8217 ; s borders the disease is encountered chiefly

in northern and eastern Mpumalanga, northern Kwa-Zulu Natal,

and the boundary line countries of the Northern and North West states.

Sing South Africa & # 8217 ; s neighbors, malaria is besides

considered to be a menace to travelers sing the lower

lying countries of Swaziland, while it is encountered throughout

Mozambique and Zimbabwe, and much of Botswana. Northern Namibia

is besides a malarious country. Within South Africa & # 8217 ; s boundary lines,

malaria transmittal is at its highest during the heater and wetting agent

months of November through to April. From May through to October the

hazards of geting malaria are reduced. For a full size map and a list

of game Parkss follow this nexus. ( 368K )


Prevention of malaria relies upon following personal protection

steps designed to cut down the opportunities of pulling a

mosquito bite, and the usage of appropriate anti-malarial

medicine. Both personal protection methods and anti-malarial

medicine are of import, and neither should be neglected at

the disbursal of the other.


Personal protection steps against mosquito bites include the

usage of an appropriate insect repellant incorporating di-ethyl

toluamide ( besides known as DEET ) , the have oning vesture to hide

as much of the organic structure as practical, kiping under mosquito cyberspaces,

and the crop-dusting of kiping quarters at dark with a suited

pyrethroid incorporating insect powder, or the combustion of an

insecticide loaded spiral. If at all possible avoid being out-of-doorss

at dark, when malaria transporting mosquitoes are more likely to



There are a figure of different types of anti-malaria tablets

available. The exact pick of which to utilize depends both upon

the peculiar country being visited, and the traveler & # 8217 ; s own

medical history. Within South Africa & # 8217 ; s boundary lines either a

combination of chloroquine with proguanil, or Mefloquine

( Mefliam ) entirely are the normally used anti-malaria tablets.

Chloroquine and proguanil are available without a physician & # 8217 ; s

prescription. Mefloquine ( Mefliam ) can merely be obtained with a

physician & # 8217 ; s prescription. Because of the outgrowth of chloroquine

immune strains of malaria in South Africa, chloroquine should non be

taken entirely but should ever be combined with proguanil. The grownup

dose is two chloroquine tablets per hebdomad, get downing one hebdomad before

come ining the malarious country. Proguanil may be started 24

hours before come ining the malarious country, and two tablets must be taken

every twenty-four hours. Both chloroquine and proguanil should be taken for four

hebdomads after going the malarious country, and both are best taken at

dark after a repast.

Mefloquine ( Mefliam ) is taken in big dose of one tablet per

hebdomad. This should be commenced at least one hebdomad before

come ining the malarious country and continued for four hebdomads after

go forthing the malarious country. Like chloroquine and proguanil,

Mefloquine ( Mefliam ) is best taken at dark after a repast, and

with liquids. The chief contra-indications to the usage of

Mefloquine ( Mefliam ) are a history of intervention for psychiatric

upset or epilepsy. No method of malaria bar is one

hundred per cent effectual, and there is still a little opportunity of

undertaking malaria despite the pickings of anti-malaria medicine and

the acceptance of personal protection methods. This does non intend that

anti-malaria medicine and personal protection steps should be

neglected, merely that any traveler developing possible symptoms of

malaria should seek medical advice despite holding taken the prescribed



Most of the malaria found within Southern Africa is of the

falciparum species. This is potentially the most unsafe

species of malaria, and can turn out quickly fatal. Symptoms may

develop every bit shortly as seven yearss after reaching in a malarious

country, or every bit long as three months after go forthing a malarious

country. Symptoms of malaria are frequently beguilingly mild in the

initial phases, resembling grippe.


Symptoms of malaria may include a generalized organic structure aching,

fatigue, concern, sore pharynx, diarrhea, and fever. It is

deserving underscoring that these symptoms may non be dramatic, and

can easy be mistaken for an onslaught of grippe or similar

non-life threatening unwellness. Deterioration can so be sudden

and dramatic, with a rapid addition in the figure of parasites

in the victim & # 8217 ; s blood watercourse. A high vacillation febrility may

develop, with pronounced chill and dramatic sweat.

Complications of a serious nature, such as engagement of the

kidneys or encephalon ( intellectual malaria ) may so follow. Cerebral

malaria is highly serious, with the victim going

hallucinating and come ining a coma. Cerebral malaria is often

fatal, and it is highly of import that all suspected instances

of malaria should have medical attending every bit shortly as is

possible. All individuals perchance exposed to malaria who develop

any grippe like unwellness or febrility within seven yearss of come ining, or

three months of going a malarious country should seek medical

attending, and have blood trials taken to look into for possible malaria

infection. It is preferred for such blood trials to be taken during a

turn of febrility. It may be reasonable to hold a 2nd blood trial taken if

a first trial is negative for malaria, to be certain of excepting the


CONCLUSION Malaria is a potentially fatal disease caught from seize with teething

mosquitoes. Prevention relies on steps to cut down bites, and taking

anti-malaria medicine appropriate both for the finish and the

traveler. Any traveller developing grippe like symptoms or febrility

within three months of return from a malarious country should be tested

for malaria, even if taking preventative steps.

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