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Marriage In The Victorian Research Paper

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Marriage In The Victorian Essay, Research Paper

Marriage in the Victorian

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Marriage In The Victorian Research Paper
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In the Victorian, matrimony was seen chiefly as conveying up 1s position, people didn t marry for love they married for money. In this instance, Victorians kept matrimony between household members to maintain the wealth at that place. Throughout many Victorian works this tendency in seen frequently.

In Thomas Hardy s novel, Desperate Remedies, in the beginning we learn that Cyntherea had to stop her relationship with Ambrose Graye, because she was traveling to be with her cousin who she had anterior flirting with but he had left and went to India and now he was to return ( 9 ) .

Another relationship between cousins in this novel is with Edward Springrove and Adelaide Hinton who have been engaged for rather erstwhile ( 122 ) . Why in the Victorian is it okay for first cousins to get married? If cousins could get married what other relations were allowed to get married. Were cousins get marrieding each other O.

K. with the church?

Cousins get marrieding in the Victorian was non the first clip the thought was raised. In the 1650 s, The Religious society of friendss decided non to let matrimony between cousins. A adult male named Thomas Hodgkin challenged this regulation in 1840, reasoning that the Bible did non prohibit it and there were no medical ground to prohibit it. His entreaty was rejected, but matrimony between first cousins was finally permitted towards the terminal of the nineteenth century.

In the Victorian, wooing was considered more of a calling move than a romantic interlude for a immature adult male, as all of a adult female s belongings was reverted to him upon matrimony. Marriage was encouraged merely in one s category. To draw a bead on higher, one was considered to upstart. To get married person of lesser societal standing was considered get marrieding beneath oneself ( Hoppe 2 ) . Cousins get marrieding one another was a manner to get married person in the same societal standing and to maintain belongings in the household.

Numerous characters in Victorian fiction married their first cousins. This pattern was absolutely legal in the eyes of both civil and spiritual governments. The tabular array of Prohibitive Degrees in the Church of England s Book of Common Prayer listed 30 relation

s whom one might non get married, but first cousins were non on the list ( McMurtry 215 ) . One of those people on that list that was out matrimony with was the asleep married woman s sister. Nor was this type of matrimony introduced in fiction. A adult male was non supposed to get married a adult female in this class on the evidences that his former married woman s relations had become literally his ain, pregnant hubby and married woman being one flesh, and that to get married her sister would represent incest ( McMurtry 216 ) . There were about one-year attempts to get rid of one of the prohibited grades by authorising matrimony with a asleep married woman s sister. Despite significant alterations during the Victorian period, matrimony jurisprudence continued to allow more rights to work forces than to adult females at the bend of the century ( Shanley 478 ) .

Another work that deals with first cousin matrimony is Elizabeth Browning s poetry novel Aurora Leigh. The fresh trades with a portrayal of a immature adult female committed to her poesy. It besides deals with presentation of societal issues refering adult females and in its claims for Aurora s poetic career. Aurora refuses a proposal of matrimony from her cousin Romney, who wants her to be his helpmeet in the broad causes he has embraced.

In the Victorian, it seemed that people merely cared about money and being comfortable, which is all right. However, to travel every bit far as to get married a relation to maintain belongings in the household seems a little excessively much. Now in the twentieth century, get marrieding 1s cousin is shunned and the lone clip you do see cousins get marrieding each other is on The Jerry Springer Show.

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