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Mary Rowlandson was a Puritan adult females populating in Lancaster. Massachusetts with her hubby Joseph. and their three kids. when the Indians captured them. The Indians killed Rowlandson’s sister and her youngest kid. In 1758. 15 twelvemonth old Mary Jemison was captured by a Shawnee and French busting party that attacked her farm. She was adopted and incorporated into the Senecas. she became really near to her Seneca sisters. Mary refused the chance to return place. happening life in Indian society more rewarding. so traveling back to the British colonial civilization. These two adult females had really similar readings of the Indians and how they treated them. Mary Rowlandson’s position of the Indians that captured her. is harsher compared to Mrs. Jemison’s.

Mrs. Rowlandson saw them fire and destruct places. knock people on the caput. and kill the 1s she loved and knew. I can see why she referred to them as “barbarous creatures” . “murderous wretches” . “heathen. ” “ravenous animals. ” and “hell-hounds” . A adult females of her stature. who was a Puritan and idea of these people to be of the wilderness. was non used to their manner of life. She and her kids were dragged through the wilderness. seeking their best to last. She began to accommodate to the life conditions by happening her ain nutrient. doing her ain apparels. and digesting the Indians. She relied on God and Bibles to elate her spirit as she traveled with her captors ; which I believe helped her non merely survive. but helped her learn that the Indians are Gods creative activity excessively. and should be forgiven merely as the Lord has forgiven us of our wickednesss. even if they did make atrocious things to her and the people she knew.

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Mary Jemison on the other manus did non travel through such a dismaying experience when the Indians captured her and her household. She heard that there had been conflict in the Indian and Gallic War and there could be no uncertainty that they might acquire involved in the convulsion. When she came of age she married a Delaware adult male named Sheninjee and had a kid with him. whom she called Thomas after her male parent. Mrs. Jemison stated that they were captured by six Indians and four Frenchman. who instantly commenced pillage and took what they considered most valuable. which consisted of staff of life. repast. and meat. On that same twenty-four hours as they were processing. she said an Indian went behind us with a whip. with which he often lashed the kids to do them maintain up ; we traveled till dark without a mouthful of nutrient or a bead of H2O. She besides states that when the kids cried for H2O at dark they were made to imbibe piss.

The Indians took her and a small male child. after they put mocassins on their pess. and led them to another way go forthing the others behind. Jemison stated that “early the following forenoon the Indians and Frenchmen that we had left the dark before. came to us ; but our friends were left buttocks. It is impossible for anyone to organize a right thought of what my feelings were at the sight of those barbarians. whom I supposed had murdered my parents and brothers. sisters. and friends. and left them in the swamp to be devoured by wild animals! ” ( pg. 137 ) . Jemison likely hated them at this minute but who wouldn’t they left her household to be murdered. but while she traveled on this long journey with them she began to watch the imposts the indigens were used to and did ; like acquiring rid of their paths left behind them and doing certain everything they touched was put back into topographic point so they would non be followed.

She recalls that even though she was there prisoner they supplied her with a repast. new Indian apparels. they undressed and dressed her and washed her clean. After the Indians had did these things for her. they relieved there calls and ululating at a ceremonial for a asleep relation ; Mrs. Jemison goes on to state “in the class of that ceremonial. from mourning they became serene—joy sparkled in their visages. and they seemed to joy over me as over a long-lost kid. I was made welcome amongst them as a sister to the two squaws mentioned before. and was called Dickewamis ; which being interpreted. signifies a reasonably miss. a fine-looking miss. or a pleasant. good thing. That is the name by which I have of all time since been called by the Indians. It was my happy batch to be accepted for acceptance: and at the clip of the ceremonial I was received by the two squaws. to provide tile topographic point of their female parent in the household ; and I was of all time considered and treated by them as a existent sister. the same as though I had been horn of their female parent.

During my acceptance. I sat motionless. about terrified to decease at the visual aspect and actions of the company. anticipating every minute to experience their retribution. and suffer decease on the topographic point. I was. nevertheless. merrily defeated. when at the stopping point of the ceremonial the company retired. and my sisters went about using every agency for my solace and comfort. Bing now settled and provided with a place. I was employed in nursing the kids. and making light work about the house. Occasionally I was sent out with the Indian huntsmans. when they went but a short distance. to assist them transport their game. My state of affairs was easy ; I had no peculiar adversities to digest. But still. the remembrance of my parents. my brothers and sisters. my place. and my ain imprisonment. destroyed my felicity. and made me invariably lone. lonesome and gloomy. ” ( p. 142-143 ) .

The Indians took Mrs. Jemison in and made her one of their ain. and even though they did this she still feels compunction for her household. but doesn’t have hatred towards them. but learns their ways and becomes accustomed to their life style. In the terminal she becomes a portion of their life and them a portion of hers. which she most likely didn’t think would go on. The difference between Mary Rowlandson and Mary Jemison is that Mrs. Rowlandson went through a much more black and atrocious experience with the Indians. they didn’t show her as much clemency as the Indians did during the Indian and Gallic War.

Rowlandson besides clings closer and relies on God for hope and comfort compared to Mary Jemison ; even though Jemison did pray and seek to remain trussed to her roots. she finally ended up conforming to the Indian life style. unlike Mrs. Rowlandson. The clip difference between the two adult females is besides a factor that plays a function in how they were treated and how they perceived the Indians. These two adult females were strong and ended up going celebrated for their imprisonment novels. which hopefully they are proud of for sharing their history on this affair.

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