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Mary Was a Fortunate Girl

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Mary was a fortunate girl. She was part of a wealthy family, interning at a prestigious law firm, working her way through Harvard, engaged to a gorgeous wonderful man, and she was happy with it all. Until Jason, Jason was everything she hated. He was dirty and lewd and just didn’t seem to care what others thought about him. He worked in a bar and lived in a tiny apartment. He was not her type. They met at the bar one night while she was out celebrating a case the firm had won.

The men were off playing pool and since she was the only woman, she was left at the bar to watch, by herself.

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Mary Was a Fortunate Girl
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“Hey sexy, can I get you something?” Jason asked, a sly grin pasted on his face.

“Excuse me, my name is not ‘sexy’ and yes, you can get me a club soda with lemon please.”

“Anything for you pretty lady.” He winked at her.

Winked. Why would he wink at her? She looked down at her modest clothing. Nothing about her to say she was a woman except for the golden waves flowing down her back and over her shoulders. Nothing about her screamed sexy or ‘come and get me’, so why on earth would he hit on her?

“I added a little something extra, just for you. It seems like a girl like you wants to break out and have fun under the prim and proper facade you got going on here.” He added.

“What did you add? Alcohol? It’s a weeknight. I should be drinking alcohol thank you very much. You can get me just a regular club soda with lemon please.” She said.

“Alright alright, regular club soda for miss boring, coming right up!” He teased.

“I am not boring! I just know what I should and shouldn’t do, and its no business of yours thank you very much.”

“Well I think that you should be able to have fun, this is a bar by the way, and those guys you came in with sure are having fun.”

She looked over at said guys. They were having fun; they had all had too much to drink and were having a fun time playing pool. What could one drink hurt?


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Mary Was a Fortunate Girl. (2018, Sep 02). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/mary-was-a-fortunate-girl/

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