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McWane: A Dangerous Business

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  • Pages 3
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    1. Explain the concept of disciplined management. Has it worked at McWane? I would say NO, because of all the injuries and deaths of their employees. Here are some ways to become a disciplined project manager per the Project Management Institute I found: – Plan the next work week’s activities a day or two ahead of time – Confirm activities the day before – Conduct daily reviews of what you did or didn’t accomplish – Follow through on your commitments – Avoid time-wasters, such as unrelated conversations Practice staying within the time allotted to the meetings, tasks and activities – Hold yourself accountable for your own deliverables by using a daily tracker document – Communicate with stakeholders and sponsors regularly, regardless of the results. Frontline Episode regarding the McWane Company McWane is a manufacturer of water and sewer pipes, by melting metal and casting pipes. Seems as if they were more like slave drivers interested in productivity and not employee safety. They had more safety violations than any of their six major competitors. Also, employees were injured or and even lost their lives while working at this company.

    Is was noted that approximately 5,000 employees were injured or lost their lives during the 1970’s There was also, a very high employee turnover rate of almost 100 percent at the Tyler Pipe Plant. McWane attempted to cope with the heavy employee’s turnover was by recruiting ex-convicts from local prison. OSHA had noted that many of the employees had major scars and disfigurations that could be noticed from far away. In 1995 the company had 400 more safety violations. McWane has a fortunate record of commercial success, but an undesirable reputation as one of the most dangerous workplaces in America.

    Reference Source: http://www. pbs. org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/workplace/mcwane/two. html 2. Identify the ethical issues associated with the McWane Corporation. Unethical work practices regarding employee safety. 3. What are the alternatives to disciplined management? Employee/ Employer expectations, Employee appreciation/ respect, job safety training/practices. As well as well written company policies and procedures. Case 16: Merck’s Vioxx: How Would You Interpret the Data? 1. What are the ethical implications of the “Dodge Ball Vioxx” document given to sales representatives?

    The purpose of the document was to convince doctors to keep prescribing Vioxx, even though the dangers of the drug escalated. (unethical) Merck was caught trying to suppress the negative information about Vioxx, even to the extent of threatening a university Researcher. (unethical/unlawful) Also, there was a concentrated effort to hide the negative evidence and distort the Vioxx trials by eliminating heart patients from the Vioxx studies so that the rate of cardiovascular problems for Vioxx patients would not be seen. (unethical) 2. Do you think this is a case of putting profits first?

    Explain. Maybe so, but since this is a well known Pharmaceutical Company, I am quite sure they did not want their name/reputation tarnished. 3. It took Merck five years to remove Vioxx from the market. Why? They were in denial, because it has been mentioned that they thought they “acted responsibly and appropriately as they developed and marketed Vioxx”. And they had the approval of the FDA. Also, if they pulled the medication off the markets, they would lose money it took to develop the medication. Looks like they chose to continue to kill patients and continue to make money….. o they thought!!!! Reference source: http://www. naturalnews. com/002155. html Student afterthought Laws, regulations and processes are necessary and good. To get at the heart you can’t just get there with just procedures. You have bring character and ethics to life. You have to figure out a way to bring to life the code of conduct in a company so people truly live it, they understand it, they see it modeled, they feel it as a part of the corporate fiber, not just part of the corporate library. Open communication outlets are key. There need to be trusted ways for people to speak up.

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