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The American Academy of Pediatrics

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    Is corporal punishment My general purpose is to persuade my audience My specific purpose is to inform my audience on that corporal punishment is not a healthy way of educating kids. My central idea Is that corporal punishment is not an effective way to In force rules or educate kids properly. Introduction I. Good morning everyone, Do you guys remember the last time you were hit by any adult? The last time you got in trouble? Do you remember that flying sandal or what I called it la chancel. I do.

    II. According to our parents it was the only way to educate s, which of course was not true. There are many ways to educate children, to make them respect and collaborate. By using corporal punishment we build a foundation to our children that hitting is the only way to make them understand. Ill. Corporal punishment has been used in schools as well as home but these practices have caused damage to children. Yea we might say well I came out Just fine but what about everyone else. What about those kids who weren’t as lucky as you? Body I. Transitional) This now brings me to the place where one should be feeling safe and to terrified of being in, one’s own home. A. At home one is taught how to behave out In society. What we learn here is what we carry for the rest of our lives. 1. Corporal punishment has been banned In the home In over 31 countries. However here in the united States gestate have laws that forbid teachers from hitting kids. So does this mean if we physically punish our children nothing will happen to us? B. Does spanking children work? And more importantly, is it harmful to children? 1 .

    It was once considered a parenting practice, but now It Is opposed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Assn. 2. Spanking can cause children to become more violent later in life and may increase the chances that they will experience anxiety and depression. C. This is highly more possible in families that do not communicate properly. 1. This makes the child feel more lonely, sad and abandoned. 2. It creates barriers that stop parent to children communication and damages the emotional links between them. 3. It stimulates anger and makes them want to run away from home. . It teaches that violence Is an acceptable way of solving problems. II. (transition) So here is another place where children may encounter more problems form corporal punishment an Institution where one learns and is supposed to help them, schools. A. According to the NY times With paddle is no relic” by Rick Lyman some schools in the united states still use corporal punishment like a middle school located in Texas, Fort Worth middle school. The principle here believes that if it is used properly then children would understand. However the power Is still abused. 1 .

    Hitting children will make them learn to respect. On the contrary respect Is earn not given. How do people expect to get respect from someone who uses physical violence 1 OFF consequences of getting hit in class are very bad on the child. It lowers their self- esteem, it teaches them to be victims, and it interferes with their learning. According to EUNICE. Org “it discourages the use of reasoning. By precluding dialogue and reflection it hampers the capacity to understand the relationship between behavior and its consequences. ” 1 . Some of these children may have difficulty with social interaction. . This does not teach children to cooperate with authority, it teaches them to comply with rules or to infringe them. C. Would you want to put your child in a school that hits children with disabilities? 1. The department of education reported that although kids with disabilities are only 13. 7% of all public schools, they make up 18. 8% of those who experience corporal punishment. 2. In many of these cases students were punished based on their behaviors that are related to their disabilities such as kids with autism and Trustee’s syndrome. 3.

    The effects of these instruments have dramatically impacted these kids. Conclusion l. We cannot allow our kids to be put in these types of situation. Corporal punishment is not the answer to our problems. It is Just away to simply avoid them and that doesn’t not work. II. Towed really want our children to be afraid of going to school? We need to change the way our society views corporal punishment. We need to find other methods of punishment like taking privileges and so on. Our children should not be exposed to the idea of violence in order to get structure and order.

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