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Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi

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Mahatma Gandhi was born in 1869 in Gujarat, India. He was know the people of India as Mahatma Gandhi. He was called “Mahatma” because it means great soul. He studied law in England. He became a lawyer and when he arrived in South Africa to represent an Indian client. While in South Africa he was thrown off a train because he was riding in first class, first class was reserved for white people only. He started a movement for civil rights in South Africa and succeeded in changing some rules there.

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Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi
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When he went back to India people heard about his actions in South Africa and made him famous in India and on his arrival in India he was treated like a hero. Gandhi had came up with a philosophy of struggle for political and human rights through non-violence. He started to convince Indians to use his philosophy to achieve political rights for Indians. In 1920 when Tilak, the leader of India died, Gandhi became the leader of Indian National Congress.

Gandhi made a huge difference in Indian’s rights. The chose to live the lifestyle of a common Indian he even dressed like one. Gandhi was mocked by many people but he was also looked at as a God. Gandhi made a lot of good but he also stirred up a lot of disturbance. So much disturbance that on 30 January 1948 a Hindu nationalist, Nathuram Godse shot him to death. Gandhi was an important man to fight for the rights of people, he was and still will be a model of success.

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