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Policing in America



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    How would you explain the several issues – including the political, economic, and social – that revolve around the subject of immigration and border security? Do illegal immigrants take jobs away from americans? Americans do not want bomb-carrying terrorists crossing the borders undetected. Are U. S. schools over-taxed by the needs of immigrant children? Do uninsured aliens in emergency rooms drive up the costs of health care premiums for the insured? What are some of the reason why illegal immigration is currently declining in the United States?

    What approaches are some state and local units of government taking to attempt to further reduce the number of aliens who are living and working in their jurisdictions? The fence of the border has been employed and increased patrolling and enforcement have been crucial. Also, ICE office of homeland security, increasingly raiding U. S. buisness that employ illegal immigrants. What methodes have some federal and local law enforcement agencies adopted for controlling illegal border crossings?

    Increased immigrant enforcement are assessing much higher fees to cross the border, up to $8,500 per person. What are EPIC and US-VISIT, and how do they function to secure U. S. borders? They provide real time intelligence information to help authorities target U. S. drug distribution networks. How would you explain the nature and extent of youth crime and violence? Youth crime are the core feature or outcome of gang activity. Youth crime is as old as crime itself.

    What means are being used by the police for addressing school violence and bullying, gun violence, disorderly conduct in public places, and underage drinking? Publicizing the philosophy of gangs are not tolerated. Alerting students and parents of the punishments for infractions. Creating alternative schools. Training teachers, parents, and school staff to identify who are at risk. Establishing peer counseling. How would you define a hate crime, and how does it differ from other crimes? What are some police responses to the problem?

    Those offenses motivated by an offender’s bias against an individual’s group’s race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation. Higher penaltys of assault are applied if a hate crime is the motive. What factors contribute to homelessness, and what are some police agencies doing to assist those who live on the streets? Poverty, the declining supply of low-income housing, lack of available public housing, and increases in welfare payments not keeping pace with inflation. To assist those who live on the streets by having transitional housing and support services.

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