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Rhetorical Analysis on Skittles Commercial

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In this particular Skittles commercial, that I may add has been banned from being broadcasted in the United States depicts two “lovers” on their honey moon. It depicts them in a bedroom having sex. It is very confusing top the audience in the beginning, due to the fact that the audience can be anyone from children to adults; in all homes throughout the nation. It is now a comical and very popular video that is now flooding the World Wide Web.

Many people have seen this video, yet it has very controversial content within it. Once the man is “about to orgasm” he ejaculates skittles all over his “bride”.

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Rhetorical Analysis on Skittles Commercial
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This is a very vulgar thing to be broadcasting on the internet, let alone its original function, to be a commercial. It is incredible to think that the skittles company would allow this to be broadcasted, because all they are doing is affiliating sex with candy; which can be very controversial to some more conservative type people.

For instance, if a mother were to walk into the living room as her young son or daughter was watching television; and to her horror she see close to what is a very promiscuous “sex scene”, it could offend or maybe even affect the sales of the skittles product.

Yet, I understand the message that the skittles corporation was sending out, it was meant to be a funny commercial that people would at first be shocked to see; but towards the end they would see it as comical. I believe the only place that the commercial was allowed to be broadcasted was in Europe, due to the fact that broadcasting stations in Europe are a little bit more relaxed on the morals and ethics of television humor. In this country though there are many organizations and groups of people that would certainly object to this kind of content.

For example, Christians and Catholics, and the whole concept of pre marital sex and sex out of wedlock; this commercial is a straight contradiction. Most Catholic and Christian organizations would simply object to this sort of content in a commercial that you can see just by flipping the channel. It has become a YouTube sensation, on the other hand, because it is actually a quite hysterical video. Many people have seen it and enjoyed viewing it; I believe it’s just the fact that Skittles Corporation put their brand and logo on the commercial that insinuates sexual intercourse.

Which can either appeal to some people as a very funny video and they will look at Skittles in a new positive humor, which I’m sure was much intended in the first place. Yet, at the same time there are many people that will see this commercial and be appalled at the site of it strictly due to its sexual content. Skittles appeal more to children the adults, therefore a skittles commercial insinuating sex, can argumentatively be compared to a commercial about someone smoking a cigarette to look “cool”.

It is very misleading, especially to children and when they see commercials like that, they are affiliating both factors that are blatantly being shown; sex and skittles. Both of these aspects register and the ethics and morality of the commercial can be put in high regard, when it comes to the showing and releasing of the commercial. This is why the Skittles Corporation only played it in Europe and not America; because they knew that the general population of Americans would probably object to the vivid culture of the commercial.

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