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Self Analysis

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I will start off by answering the first question of my class presentational experiences, strengths and weaknesses. Second, I will explain the importance of effective communication in my life. Finally, I will discuss how I personally use the information presented in this class in the “real world”. My paper will be written out like any other paper with an introduction, body, and a conclusion. Analysis My experience during this course was fun. I enjoyed learning different topics and doing different speeches.

My interest in this course increase more and more throughout the course as I was learning different material.

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Self Analysis
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The best experience I had was doing a persuasive speech and an impromptu speech. My strengths I believed came out tremendously during these two speeches. I believed my eye contact improved throughout the course and my confidence grew stronger as we went through the seminars. My weaknesses continue to stay with me as I went through each speech. I believed my tone of voice improved a little during my last two speeches but I do not think my tone got to the point I wanted.

Being able to continuously looking at the camera was hard for me and became a trend.

Using eye contact was a problem for me. Again, I do believe this weakness improved towards the end of the course. Also, I believe my body language during my speeches was weak at the beginning and a little bit towards the end. I believe my best body language during a speech was when I presented my persuasive speech. Overall, I think I did well during my speeches, but if I could have done better with my weaknesses I think my final grade would of change tremendously in a good way. The importance of effective communication is seen in everyday life.

Without it, no matter how hard I tried or even if it is a good idea, I will not be able to fully convey it to the person who is listening. I learned to communicate as soon as I was born and I learned that I got responses by saying certain things. But as I grew older, I learned different kinds of skills and manipulations to completely explain an idea. I should never underestimate the importance of effective communication because it relates to so many areas in my life. A person who has these particular skills is more likely to make more money, have deeper more meaningful relationships and they also live happier lives.

There are a few ways I could improved the way I communicate. I should become more aware of when I need to incorporate them into a conversation and they are not hard to do. Just like anything else I attempted to do, practice makes perfect. So I need be patient and do not expect a quick change overnight. The main thing to do when I start to realize the importance of effective communication is to be aware of how to react to situations and how I communicate with people. It will become apparent what areas I will need to work on. Earlier in my life, I was more or less forced into several public speaking situations.

I did not view this as an opportunity to improve myself. Instead, I viewed it as something that had to be done; something dreaded something I did not want to do. I would hem and haw and not practice and try to avoid even thinking about it and unsurprisingly, my first few times on the stage were terribly bad. After practicing several times, though, I began to discover several things. First, I began to get better at it. I felt more natural standing up on the stage talking about projects and encouraging people to get involved.

Second, as I got better at it, people responded in a variety of ways, most of which were surprising to me. I started getting a lot of individual responses from people who were intrigued, I got quite a few slaps on the back and offers to go out for drinks and connect, and I even got a few offers to speak in other venues. In a nutshell, better public speaking improved my business opportunities, increased my personal opportunities, and helped construct a number of valuable relationships and friendships. This is not a lesson that came easy for me.

I truly did not want to speak in public and the only benefit I could see at first is that it was a chore that I simply got through. I just wish my public speaking skills in person carry over to this course talking in front of a camera. I speak better and I have more confidence in person than I did during this course.


Beebe, S. & Beebe, S. (2009). Public Speaking; An Audience-Centered Approach (7th ed. ) Boston, MA: Pearson Effective Communication. Retrieved Nov. 11, 2010. The importance of effective communication. Effecting-communicating. com. 2007-2008. http://www. effective-communicating. com/index. html.

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