21St Century Research Paper

The twenty-first Century is merely around the corner and with it will come many alterations in today’s modern society. Changes occur daily, yet taken into position annually these alterations become highly noticeable. The people of today’s society are altering mundane, and hence so is the universe. This study will show personal beliefs on what will happen in the twenty-first century. Within it are illustrations such as, offense rates, personalities, faith, and populating environments.

The twenty-first Century will convey offense rates to a well high rate. In today’s society we have a high offense rate. Day by twenty-four hours more offenses are committed, and taken twelvemonth by twelvemonth the Numberss rise enormously. This lone shows that the constabulary section’s system is non working the manner expected. This system has non been modified to any extent, and hence the Numberss will non alter. By the clip the twenty-first Century comes along the Numberss will hold risen to a point where society will be terrified to go forth their places for fright of being attacked.

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The on patrol system has non stopped felons from perpetrating another offense. Criminals who were one time imprisoned come out different people seeking for a new life. When these ex-criminals find that their old record stops them from recovering the dream they were told they could hold, they return to the life of offense. The system takes into consequence merely the emotional alterations of the felon and has ne’er reflected upon the existent alterations of the remainder of society.

Personalities are what conveying about the full population. Some have cultural personalities, this brings about segregation of civilizations. Other’s have a damaging personality, which brings about segregation because of skin colour. Each individual with these personalities begins to resent one another. This brings the public violences and civil wars of our society. The twenty-first Century will merely remain the same.

Cities, provinces, and states, neither have the power to command one’s personality. You can set a individual through therapy or anything you choose, but that individual can still hold his or her ain personality. With all of the universes engineering personalities are the lone thing that can destroy an full civilisation in a affair of hebdomads. If a personality is set toward the negative, the same individuals environment will be set in the exact same way. The human personality is the key to that individuals life.

The current twentieth Century life environments are nice, but falling in popularity. There are literally countries in the universe that people are afraid to go forth their places for fright of being attacked. This once more refers back the to constabularies and their so called system. If the personalities can non be changed by the constabulary and their system, how can the living environments of worlds change every bit good? They can non.

In common with these unchangeable personalities comes faith. True that this topic does non look that it relates to personalities, but it does. Religion is dropping drastically. Reason being that priests are going more and more scarce. There are no longer immature priests, all are aged. The stereotype of a priest has been settled and immature people try to remain every bit far as possible from being that. Stereotypes and peer force per unit area are the footing for semblances.

Today’s immature want to be married at some point in their life and have kids. There are many limitations that the priesthood holds and the younger society has non been trained for this and most do non hold the forbearance for it. This is our spiritual job, that can be fixed easy. With a simple meeting leting more freedom of the priesthood, it would demo the current society that the Vatican has faith in their household and trust that others can hold a household and love God at the same clip.

The twenty-first Century will non be so dissimilar than today’s society unless we change it. Change is likely, non impossible, as difficult that may look. The three chief constructs for altering offense rates, personalities, faith and life environments are faith, hope, and finding. The twenty-first Century relies entirely on what the following decennary will convey approximately. Merely we as a group will alter the hereafter for the improvement of adult male sort, and that entirely stands a challenge far greater than the universe has of all time seen.

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