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The air current blows ; the drizzle’s droplets on their toes.Underneath the olympian weaponries of a tree dwells the avidity to stand tall. But the grandiose of a tree emerged from shades of a colourful yesteryear.

As tall house trees ab initio sprouted from seeds.as caterpillars undergo metabolism to go glorious butterflies… . We have an inevitable fact that everything has its ain Genesis A low start from which illustriousness originates.

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Mozart is honored as the greatest instrumentalist of all clipDa Vinci was known as the most adept creative person of his clip.Albert Einstein is a known mastermind even until our clip.These work forces were child prodigies possessing extreme glare valued for a life-time. Alike these work forces was the immature MCSHS.

A pinpoint of thought flared up in the head of Rigel Devena.He had a vision to construct an building specialized in Science and Technology – an establishment that will instill in immature heads the kernel of cognition and wisdom. A household composed of a solid instruction force.

Bright pupils and most of all. their passion for excellence.

Lo and behold!In the twelvemonth 1996. the one time cloaked dream was unveiled.A 12-student category became into what is now the terra firma of encephalon – Mandaue City Science High School.

It is acquaintance with life that makes clip speed rapidly.When everyday is a measure in the unknown.The yearss are long with assemblage of experience.The school was fresh. it was new.

That immature seed. on a high mountain it was planted and grew. Of class it wasn’t easy. He was so small. so infinitesimal.Neither the trees. nor any animals paid attending to it.But it has to last the changeless conflict between the strong and the weak.

As the clock of life easy ticks. the small seed bit by bit became a delicacy works. Its frail root struggled to stand strong.It takes whatever the conditions brings.If it has any pick at all. it is in seting down its roots every bit profoundly as it perchance can. This was the image of MCSHS as it strived amidst every obstructor. The forces of nature conspired to convey forth a fable.

Its former residence was instead peasant:The pupils had their categoriesAt the bare anteroom of the Mandaue City Comprehensive National High School Just so. intelligence came to our ears and everyone was eager to hear. The one time seedling is now grounding roots in Opao. Mandaue City.

The school has been invariably bombarded with ordeals that tested its strength through clip. Still. it bloomed and reaped fruits of labour.It has been steadfast in populating the dream.

It has earned acknowledgment for being one of the top schools in Mandaue City For it offers nil less than high-class quality instruction. It has aced legion competitions countrywide.

The thrust to outstand was fueled as we bring place decorations from brain-whacking challenges. Such as the MTAP. Damath and Quiz Bowls to call a few.This primera classe school has gained commendations for stand outing non merely in Science jousts But in STEP competitions as the pupils are armored with indispensable life accomplishments. It continues its reign as the supreme titleholder for the Division Schools Press Conference. Due to the virtues received from far and broad.

Mandaue City Science High School became synonymous to excellence. No. that was an understatement. Mandaue City Science High School IS excellece itself.

Many people are gifted with the ability to work with custodies.But this does non prevent utilizing the caput.The capableness to fit the focal point of the head with the spirit of the organic structure is something this turning establishment. more than any other besides has to offer.

The school seeks character. it trains accomplishment.It develops individuality. physiques personality.The power of work. and the power of creativeness – this was our redemption. It has brought us to the really land we stand.Ibabao-Estancia. Mandaue CityThe land of birthrate and exuberant – The terrain of finding. dediciation. duty. vision. nucleus values. and forfeit.

Whether acknowledged or non.the gustatory sensation for established regulations of behavior persists.Along with a deeper hungriness for the better.This is why we ever strive for what is best ; why we hunger for differentiation ;Why we thirst for excellence.

And this is why above its name ;MCSHS wears its tiara of disctinction and laterality.You heard the narrative. A fable has merely been known.A saga now unfolded.Witness the earth’s enlightenment.The 9th cloud of the state.The 7th Eden like no other.

Bacillus: Filipino is resilientGram: Since clip immemorial. we are tested by infinite catastrophes ; volcanic eruptions. lay waste toing temblors and lahar flows. ace typhoons. flash inundations and landslides. Bacillus: Victoriously. we surmounted these ordeals and strivings. beyond imaginativeness of the human race G: Instantaneous decease of our loved 1s. claimed by transit bad lucks and natural catastrophes. Thousands besides die in hungriness and malnutrition. All: Including ambuscades and eternal wars in Mindanao. They trampled our basic human rights. such as the right to populate G ( solo ) : I lost my loving hubby. who didn’t want to fall in Abu Sayyaf. G ( solo ) : I lost my lone boy. who opted to go a military adult male. G: We lost our guiltless kids and adult females. we lost our places and belongingss. Bacillus: Survivors are Filipinos. The wrath of nature and cruel fate may steal everything from us. B ( solo ) : Wealth. belongingss. and household.

All: But the Filipinos ne’er give upBacillus: For us we are continuously scourged by the trial of clip. The spirit to last and to resile back remains undefeated All: I’m every bit pliant as a bamboo for I’m a adult male of EarthGram: My hair may all be blown off by the air currentsBacillus: And my legs may be crippled by the knock of moving ridgesAll: But I will stand and pick up the tattered pieces of myself and go on to populate B: Resolute to last. clothed with an inspiration to populate. non merely for my household but besides for my darling state All: Filipinos unite in the thick of crisis. regardless of socio-economic position. tradition and credo G: The universe has seen the greathearted spirit of the Filipinos in important times. All: The spread between the rich and the hapless was narrowed G ( solo ) : Envy was replaced by understandingG ( solo ) : Hatred was conquered by loveB ( solo ) : Selfishness was set asideBacillus: And salvaging one’s live is the ultimate desireAll: History Tells us that the Filipinos have captured countless enemies. natural and non. And shall ever endeavor to defend in all odds. Because innate in the Filipino is the will to last B: We may be daunted by the atrocious scenes around us. But surely. we will be strengthened by our unwavering religion in God. G: We have been lotted by many states in the universe. for our resilience during catastrophes. others die in salvaging lives. All: But merely few realize. that we are able to last. because our spirit to contend is profoundly anchored from religion. that God Almighty will ne’er abandon us. B ( solo ) : I believe that Filipinos. divided by varied philosophies and civilizations. are capable to be on top of any state of affairs. if united All: Together. we can confront any challenge in front of us.

The narrative of the church in the Philippines begunIn the premortal universe of truth and visible radiationEvery had a intent. each had a end in sightOne misty forenoon in the shores of MactanA fleet of ships led by the Spanish Fernao magalhaesDropped their ground tackles and walked upon the sandAnd project their eyes upon our FatherlandBringing with them their civilization and religionTheir wealth and their gold from long ago

But these would spur such choler and hatredAmong sires. but they didn’t cognizeTherefore with the Spaniards came ChristianityThe belief in God and his love for humanityAnd for three hundred old ages we were in imprisonmentUntil another vanquisher will put us freeIt was during this clip in the United StatesA new impulse had took topographic pointThe people were altering and so was their religion

And the immature Joseph Smith sought the truth in God’s faceAnd from this thirst our church was restoredIn its due clip and by the will of the LordTo garner the saints in all the universeAnd allow them cognize the joy in God’s wordAnd as the work of our beloved LordTo proclaim the Gospel to all the universeHe had sent his retainer Paul H RoseTo preside to something good and bold

And it was 38 old ages agoTwenty-second of August as foretoldThe Philippine Mission was organizedAnd we are the inheritors of this great awardTo go on the work of honing the saintsHe organized the Manila Philippine StakeAnd President Ezra Taft Benson calledAugusto Lim to preside the cherished goldWho would bury that great twenty-four hoursWhen his prophesier radius of thing that may

‘Twas August 1975The first Philippine Area Conference. the saints arriveAnd as we watch our beloved friendsEnter the MTC and their boyhood terminalWe frequently wonder how we’re blessedTo hold this topographic point with Christ as caputAnd the idea came to our headThat those who see were one time unsightedSeventeen old ages before this clipThose male childs became work forces sublimate

And a twelvemonth had passed since soBecause of God’s faithful work forcesHis house was built upon this topographic pointAnd continues to bless this great raceIt is where we redeem the deadSealing held and worthy twosomes wedYes it was the temple blessedWhere the Spirit of the Lord dweltNow the Lord has prepared the manner

Before we came upon this ear6hThat will joy this great twenty-four hoursThe seashore is clear before our birthJune 6 1992Augusto Lim was calledAnd became a General authorizationIn the Second Quorum of the SeventyIt is the same Holy adult maleIn September first 1996When he became the president.

Of the House of the Lord. the temple belovedAnd don’t forget when this good old interestWas organized one twelvemonth since soAs Arnold Roda as presidentNow we’re here. full of strength.Therefore we se our history.

Fulfilled the hope of things to beAnd each psyche has played a portionIn assisting psyches change their Black Marias‘Twas our Heavenly Father’s Great Plan“To bring to go through the immortality and ageless life of adult male. ”

Then God reached out and took the visible radiation in His custodies.And God rolled the visible radiation around in His custodiesUntil He made the Sun ;And He set that sun a-blazing in the celestial spheres.And the visible radiation that was left from doing the SunGod gathered it up in a polishing ballAnd flung it against the darkness.Spangling the dark with the Moon and stars.Then down betweenThe darkness and the visible radiationHe hurled the universe ;And God said. “That’s good! ”

Then God himself stepped down—And the Sun was on His right manus.And the Moon was on His left ;The stars were clustered about His caput.And the Earth was under His pess.And God walked. and where He stepHis footfalls hollowed the vales outAnd bulged the mountains up.

Then He stopped and looked and sawThat the Earth was hot and wastes.So God stepped over to the border of the universeAnd He spat out the seven seas ;He batted His eyes. and the lightnings flashed ;He clapped His custodies. and the booms rolled ;And the Waterss above the Earth came down.The chilling Waterss came down.

Then the green grass sprouted.And the small ruddy flowers blossomed.The pine tree pointed his finger to the sky.And the oak spread out his weaponries.The lakes cuddled down in the hollows of the land.And the rivers ran down to the sea ;And God smiled once more.And the rainbow appeared.And curled itself around His shoulder.

Then God raised His arm and He waved His manusOver the sea and over the land.And He said. “Bring Forth! Bring Forth! ”And quicker than God could drop His manus.Fishs and poultryAnd animals and birdsSwam the rivers and the seas.Roamed the woods and the forests.And divide the air with their wings.And God said. “That’s good! ”

Then God walked around.And God looked aroundOn all that He had made.He looked at His Sun.And He looked at His Moon.And He looked at His small stars ;He looked on His universeWith all its living things.And God said. “I’m lonely still. ”

Then God sat downOn the side of a hill where He could believe ;By a deep. broad river He sat down ;With His caput in His custodies.God thought and thought.Till He thought. “I’ll do me a adult male! ”

Up from the bed of the riverGod scooped the clay ;And by the bank of the riverHe kneeled Him down ;And there the great God AlmightyWho lit the Sun and fixed it in the sky.Who flung the stars to the most far corner of the dark.Who rounded the Earth in the center of His manus ;This Great God.Like a mammy bending over her babe.Kneeled down in the dustLaboring over a ball of clayTill He shaped it in His ain image ;


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