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By the terminal of 1914 the war had reached deadlock. This was due to the failure of both the Germans Schlieffen Plan and the Gallic Plan Seventeen. Both these programs were said by each side to stop the war ‘ by Christmas ’ and neither side had perceived the thought of deadlock. So as the following few old ages came both sides had to bring forth new ways to stop deadlock and win the war. Both sides found ways, which they thought would win the war. I will explicate how far they really went to interrupt the deadlock.

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During the twelvemonth of 1916 there were two of import conflicts, Battle of Verdun and the Battle of the Somme. Both of these conflicts inflicted major causalities on both the Allied and German military personnels. They to some were merely a pointless exercising which gave both sides nil but really big causality lists. The Battle of the Somme was a conflict caused the most figure of deceases in a individual twenty-four hours of combat, and Verdun where the Germans planned to do major causalities on the Gallic may hold done this but ended up with merely every bit many as the Gallic. Besides during 1917 there were besides two conflicts which did non assist either side in interrupting deadlock, Battle of Passchendaele and the Battle of Cambrai. It was at Cambrai where the armored combat vehicle was foremost used but this did non assist the attempt. So with these conflicts and many other 1s did non assist to interrupt deadlock. They merely helped to do more deceases and in some instances the assailing side gained merely a few stat mis and lost 1000s of work forces. They, nevertheless, could hold helped it as they may hold helped have on down the Germans and this may hold helped interrupt deadlock.


During the class of the war both the Allies and the Germans created new arms ; like the heavy weapon, aircraft ’ s, the usage of gas and armored combat vehicles. They had to make new and better arms to accommodate the new type of warfare that was taking topographic point. The machine gun, which was non new but the measures used was, was said to be the most effectual arm on the Western Front. This was because it helped to make deadlock and was so effectual when used as a signifier of defense mechanism, against on approaching soldiers, and created a great Numberss of causalities that both sides decided to remain in their trenches. Another arm that was foremost used in the war was the armored combat vehicle. When foremost brought out it was supposed to be a great machine that would assist the soldiers a great trade. The armored combat vehicle was nevertheless brought out before it was perfected and did non turn out a great aid in making causalities. They were nevertheless a great moral supporter for the soldiers at the front line. When heavy weapon was thought of by the generals to be the most effectual arm. Often nevertheless it did nil more than churn up the land and do no-mans land harder to traverse. Gas was besides used but merely truly served as a ‘ frightener ’ . It added a great trade to the wretchedness of trench life but did non truly hold a great consequence in interrupting deadlock. New arms did non truly assist interrupt stalemate but did assist in making more agony to an already suffering state of affairs. In theory, it should hold been a new, fantastic arm which broke deadlock and necessarily won the war but in this war it did non go on.


The most used maneuver at sea was encirclements, this helped halt supplies acquiring to the resistance and should hold helped give up. The encirclements did non turn out to be the most of import of the tactics used in interrupting deadlock but was a critical sapping factor in have oning down the Cardinal Powers. There were non many conflicts fought much at sea but there was one major conflict a

T sea, the Battle of Jutland. This was fought out by the two large naval forcess of the clip the Germans and the British. At the terminal of this conflict both of the sides claimed triumph, even though neither side really completed there initial program. The Germans were the side who went back to seaport and did non come back but the British were the side who lost the most sum of ships and work forces. Besides heavy contending merely lasted a few proceedingss. It is because that the war at sea was so brief that it had small consequence on the deadlock or even on the whole war. It was however a path which had many possibilities and could hold, if used right, won the war. But neither side used it as both sides were rather equal and non much could hold been done to the other sides.

OTHER Fronts

Other than the Western Front it was the Eastern Front which proved to be really of import in the war. It was Russia ’ s valorous attempt in keeping the German ’ s up and maintaining rather a few of their soldiers at the Eastern Front which helped to raise off force per unit area on the Allied soldiers on the Western Front. However because the Russians had retreated so far back their adult male power and supplies were diminishing all the clip. So by the 1917 the Russian ’ s had had plenty and many military personnels left in immense Numberss.

The Eastern Front did keep great assure up until the beginning of 1917, the Allies did non nevertheless move upon it and so the Russians ne’er truly gained back up. Therefore they had no manner of crushing the Germans.


During the class of the war there were many new Alliess entered the war, Japan, Turkey, Italy and the USA. The chief new ally during the war was the Americans. They entered the war chiefly because of the sinking of the Lusitania and because of a wire, against the U.S. , organize the Germans to the Mexicans assuring them some provinces of America in exchange for aid in the war. Even though they came really tardily in the war, 1917 merely a twelvemonth before the terminal, it is said it was them who really ended the war. Not merely did they convey more soldiers but they besides brought money, supplies and gave the Allies a moral supporter. It can besides be said that they did non really convey any alteration to the war that the war would hold ended without them.

All the factors above helped in portion to interrupt deadlock but non one, in whole, stopped it. If merely one was used the deadlock would non hold been broken but I think that because they were used together they broke deadlock and in bend ended the war. I besides feel it was the entrance of new Alliess, chiefly the U.S, which helped the most in interrupting deadlock. Then it was ‘ new arms ’ and so ‘ frontal assault ’ . The two least factors, which I think did non truly assist the breakage of deadlock, were ‘ the war at sea ’ and ‘ other foreparts ’ . It is because the new Alliess brought in new supplies and more work forces which enabled the Allies to give a good counter-attack on the German violative. I think without the new Alliess the Allied force would non hold been strong plenty to interrupt deadlock and so win the war. However without the ‘ new arms ’ and the ‘ frontal assaults ’ they could non hold held the deadlock. The other two factors I feel had no major impact and without them the war would hold been no different.

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