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In 2009, astrophysicist, Or, Satang Tsunami in India informed geologist, Dry, Adrian Helmsmen about the biggest sun eruption that happened very recently which caused significant increase in the Earth core’s temperature. Dry_ Helmsmen went directly to the White House and showed the report to the President’s Chief of Staff, Carl Enhancers_ After a year, President Of the Lignite States, Thomas Wilson, met with other world leaders to make preparations in order to save humanity by constructing arks at the Himalayas. A Buddhist monk, Anima was evacuated while his brother Tenpin worked in the arks.

As additional funding, tickets to the arks were sold to private citizens for ?1 billion per person. In 2012, fiction writer and part-time limousine driver to Russian billionaire Yuri Karaoke, Jackson Curtis, picked up his children, Noah and Lily, from his ex-wife, Skate’s boyfriend, Cordon’s house. He took them camping to the Yellowstone National Park only to find out that the lake already dried up and that a military headquarter was put up. They were taken to the headquarter and Jackson was recognized by Dry. Helms’ who read his book Farewell Atlantis.

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On their way room the headquarter, they were stopped by Charlie Frost, a science conspiracy theorist who has his own radio talk show, and asked them about the military activity. That night, Charlie told Jackson about the 2012 phenomenon and even about a map, where arks were being constructed, in his possession. Jackson and his children arrived home right after a bad earthquake. Seeing his employer Yuri Karaoke and his two sons getting on an airplane, Jackson became suspicious and rented a Cessna 340 and called Kate to get the children ready as he was picking them up. Earthquake shook the city even before Jackson came.

They were able to go away with Gordon flying the Cessna. Jackson decided to go back to Yellowstone to get the map from Charlie. Charlie died from a blast while Jackson made it with his family and got the map from Charlies Van. Jackson and his family landed in Alas Vegas in search of a larger plane that will take them to China where the arks were. They met Yuri, together With his two sons and his girlfriend Tamari, who couldn’t leave in absence of a co-pilot. Jackson volunteered Gordon and they all left in an Anode’s 500. They crashed in China where the pilot was killed.

They were found by the Peoples Liberation Army. When they arrived at the gate, Kate begged Tenpin to take her children to the arks that they may be saved. Tenpin took all of them and helped smuggle them into the ark. Meanwhile, passengers who bought tickets to the arks, including Yuri and his sons, were having a hard time getting on, When Dry. Helmsmen learned of this, he pleaded to the world leaders to let the people in and the leaders took his side. The gates were opened causing Jackson and Tenpin to be trapped at the hydraulics chamber while Gordon was crushed by the gears.

The malfunction caused the gate of the ark to remain open, 50 water got in at the first impact and the entire ark got adrift. Dry. Helmsmen and the first daughter, Laura Wilson, went out to help Jackson, Aware of the jammed gears, Jackson went back to the hydraulics chamber followed by Noah who helped him by holding the light steady. They were able to remove the cable that jammed the gears and the engines of the ark were finally able to start The arks travel towards the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa as Jackson got reunited with his family and Dry. Helmsmen started a relationship with Laura Wilson.

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