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Superman vs Batman

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Look up in the sky. It’s a bird. No, it’s a plane. No, it’s Superman. No. Wait. MaybeMetropolis and Gotham city each have their own unique super heroes that savethem daily from evil villains trying to take over the world. Both superheroes have beenquite successful over the years in doing so. Batman and Superman. Two householdnames that strike fear into any evil doers heart, if they even have one. Batman andSuperman are both wonderful superheroes and they each have their own uniqueabilities.

They have always come out on top whenever in a battle with an enemy. Throughout the years, however, one question remains in everyone’s mind thatconcerns the two. Who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman? EasySuperman, also known as the “Man of Steel”, is Metropolis’ savior. He staysundercover as a news correspondent for the Daily Planet, Clark Kent. He was sent toEarth on a meteor by his parents when his home planet was attacked.

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Superman vs Batman
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He was thenadopted by a farmer and his wife who found the baby boy in a field. Clark Kent was asimple person. He lived in an apartment and kept to himself and to his work. Whenever people called, Clark Kent would enter a phone booth, rip off his shirt, and flyout as Superman. Superman has the ability to fly, can carry things 10 times his weight,and isn’t easily bruised. He has supersonic hearing, laser vision, and x-ray vision. Superman has got one weakness. Kryptonite. This glowing green stone can absorbSuperman’s power right out of his body causing him to weaken and lose his powers. Superman has another minor weakness. News reporter, Lois Lane. Lois Lane hasbeen Superman’s love interest ever since he has worked for the Daily Planet. Lane’sspunk often gets her into trouble, which Superman always gets her out of. Supermanhelps the city sleep easy at nights.

Batman, also known as the “Caped Crusader” and “Dark Knight”, is GothamCity’s Black knight in shining armor. He stays undercover as millionaire Bruce Wayne. His parents were murdered in an alley while young Wayne looked on. At that time, hededicated his life to fighting crime. Butler Alfred watched over Wayne as he grew andhelped him train. Batman has got the Batmobile, the Bat-cycle, the Bat-plane. TheBat’s Den is hidden underneath Wayne’s mansion. There is also Batman’s utility belt. The belt contains medicine that can revive Batman instantly and also some weaponsused in battle. This famous belt has many gimmicks that help Batman to stop crimesuch as Batman’s “Batarang”. Batman was a normal human being with many gadgets toprotect him from everyday wear and tear and from every battle’s wounds. Batman andBruce Wayne had two different love lives. Bruce Wayne had a fiancee for a briefperiod of time, Julie Madison. Wayne also dated many prominent women. Batman, onthe other hand, fell in love with Catwoman. Batman’s only love interest was also one ofGotham’s most notorious villains. Catwoman had seduced Batman several times buttheir relationship couldn’t work. Poison Ivy got Batman’s attention for a brief momentwhen she put him under a spell. Bruce Wayne has gotten old over the years, and nowhas a new recruit, Terry McGann. He is the more hi-tech Batman and he can be seenSuperman vs. Batman. Superman has got real powers, as opposed to BruceWayne’s money spoiled life. When getting to the scene of a crime, Superman simplyhas to extend his hand and lift off – he’s on his way.Batman has to start up theengine, warm it up, then lift off – he’s on his way. Traffic must be torture. Superman’sweakness isn’t easily obtained. Kryptonite is a rare stone. Lex Luthor has got hissupply but Superman has always seemed to overcome. Superman always hears avictim’s cry for help with his supersonic hearing. He can stop bullets and save planesthat are crashing. His Herculean strength helps him in this matter. Batman has toavoid a falling a boulder, lest he wants to be flattened. Batman can’t afford to lose hisutility belt. His revival is in one of the pockets.Superman is also every girls’ dream. Loyal to his love. Sweet, handsome, powerful, simple, and modest. Superman couldSuperman has got Batman all beat out. He’s got his real powers going for himand he doesn’t need a mask to hide his face. He doesn’t need a butler to help him getdressed, he doesn’t need utility belt to weigh him down when he battles. Bibliography:

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