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Synthesis : Locavores

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  • Pages 3
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    Being a locavore seems to be becoming a trend among those who seek to protect the planet and its environment. These people claim that becoming a locavore is better, safer and more affordable for everyone. Recruiting people to become a locavore or to get involve in the locavore movement is the main goal of the locavore communities. They want to get as many people involve in order for their goals to be achieved. They give out certain tips and recommendations that truly do seem as if their outdated to most people, but to them seem as something that is necessary Their goal and what they want to achieve truly is something nice and positive.

    The only problem with these locavore communities is that they’re turning the problems that they want to diminished into even bigger ones without even realizing it. Locavore communities claim that being a locavore helps the local economy, helps the environment and pollution and that the food taste better. All these are strong claims that locavores like to brag about and show off about in order to attract people into becoming one. Source A states “Eating locally and buying locally improves the economy and its pollution”. Even though this claim sounds real amusing and intriguing, one needs to check the facts before believing such.

    According to source C, buying local doesn’t necessarily mean an improvement for the local economy. In many parts of the world the “local farmers” acquire most of their seeds and materials that they need in order to grow their crops from outside sources that use up an excessive amount of energy to get them there. Also from driving around and around their small communities and making all those deliveries to different people and stores, locavores actually waste more energy and create more pollution than a big semi truck delivering a bigger amount amount of supplies across the country.

    Each small trip ends up adding up to create more than what a big trip would. People have to learn how to not judge a book by its cover, just because something seems easier, safer and cheaper doesn’t mean it actually is. In order for a person to actually accomplish all the goals and methods of Locavorism many different things have to be given to them. Their main goal is to buy and eat anything that is between a 100 mile radius from there houseand to keep everything local. This truly does prove to be a problem for some people. “While locavorism sounds superb

    in theory, it is proving quite difficult in practice” (Source F). Paul Roberts, the author of “The end of Food” a book about the food industry, explains how many people all have different views of how being a locavore is. Some claim that buying from a Mass Marketer like Wal-Mart is ok as long as the food was grown locally, others claim that its not. There really isn’t an accurate definition of what a locavore really is because almost every community of locavores has a different view of it, this makes wanting to become a locavore something a bit harder than expected.

    What is one to do if they live in a real remote area or a place where it is real difficult to grow plants or raise animals.? The only option is to buy from somewhere. The human body needs certain vitamins, minerals and foods in order for it to work and function properly, and most of the time most of those things can’t be naturally grown or produced within a 100 miles radius. Even if these things were able to be produced, grown or raised within that radius, a locavore would have to give up many comfort foods in order for them to keep up with the locavorism.

    In conclusion, being a locavore or becoming one is something that is truly difficult to do. Even though locavore communities only try to help out the planet and its environment, they end up causing more harm to it and to themselves. The life of a locavore isn’t an easy one and probably never will. They all have to give up so many things and get accustomed to so many new ones that requires them to constantly be trying new things. The way that they live their life doesn’t sound exciting at all, but there will always be those people who do find it amusing and who actually think their methods work.

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