Brain Topics

Technological Singularity and Transhumanism Versus the Matrix Essay

Technological Singularity and Transhumanism Versus The Matrix The movie “The Matrix,” depicts a futuristic era in which computer based artificial super intelligence has significantly exceeded the potentials of human brain power. Bringing us into a world that is overrun by artificially intelligent computer...

Biological and Neurological Foundatinos Essay

Heredity refers to the process of transmitting genetic characteristics from parents to offspring. Physical traits and even physical defects are known to be hereditary. Also, some mental traits and mental defects are known to be hereditary. (http://www. slideshare. net/GenPsyche/biological-bases) Nature and...

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Health and Social Care Essay

Understanding The Impact of Acquired Brain Injury on Individuals Define acquired brain injury. (ABI) It is a brain injury damage caused by the events after birth, rather than as part of genetic or congenital disorder. It affects cognitive, physical, emotional, social or independent functioning can result...

What Dose It Mean to Be a Human Essay

What does it mean to be human? What is a human? What makes someone human? Although, some opinion may be as same or difference because of the answer have vary from person to person. I belief human must have three main characteristic to be a human. First, in physical human have large brains compared with body...

A Comparison between the Normal Aging Brain and a Brain Suffering from Dementia Essay

A Comparison between the Normal Aging Brain and a Brain Suffering from Dementia
     As a person ages, most of his body organs start to lose their normal function. Aside from physical changes such as growing white hair, developing facial lines, and increase in prominence of the veins, the...

Cognitive impairment Essay

Cognitive Impairment
The brain is a super computer with a complicated network of neurones subserving many of the activities of our daily life. Many of us are unaware of the various interconnected processes that work in unison to let us lead a simple uncomplicated life. Only when someone is ill or not normal...

Neurocomputing: Picking the Human Brain Essay

The concept of intelligence is complex, and hence many theories, definitions and taxonomies have emerged to explain its essence. The limited triumph has given rise to the idea that such a multidimensional concept cannot be explained by a single theory. As an outcome, a multidisciplinary...

Mating system and brain size in bats Essay

Mating System and Brain Size in Bats


What is the ‘Social Brain Hypothesis’ and what does it predict with regard to sexual dimorphism in brain size?

The social brain hypothesis suggests that an increase in social difficulty improves cognitive arms races.  The suggestion that individuals with...

Stress Affecting the Immune System Essay

Worrying over a test is normal for any student. However, tests are not the only things students have to worry over. Family matters, money problems, boyfriends or girlfriends, and even the death of a loved one can add stress to an individual. As things keep adding up and the stress level keeps rising, some...

Gardner’s Theory Essay

In Gardner’s Theory, he specifies or identifies seven different types of learning or as he states types of intelligence. Gardner defines intelligence as the ability to solve problems. In this theory it is stated that the different type of intelligences are separated in the brain but they also work...

The Eight Guidelines to Critical Thinking Essay

In the discipline of Psychology, there are eight guidelines to critical thinking. This essay will discuss all of them with examples to help understand each one. The first is to Ask Questions: Be willing to wonder (Wade & Travis, 2008 p. 8). Young children may ask questions such as, “Why is the sky blue...

Traumatic brain injury Essay



Though soldiers of the 21st century in the battle field are more protected from injuries than their predecessors in the I & II World War respectively, levels of Traumatic Brain Injuries remain relatively high (Army Medical Department, 2006).  US recent war in...

Brain Research and Its Influence on Language Development and Acquisition Essay

Brain Research and its Influence on Language Development and Acquisition Language acquisition is one of the most fundamental human traits, and it is obviously the brain that undergoes the developmental changes (Sakai, 2005, p. 815-819). During the years of language acquisition, the brain not only stores...

The Poisoned Needle: The Diatom and the Toxin Essay

The Poisoned Needle: The Diatom and the Toxin
            The poisoned needle, more specifically known as Pseudo-nitzschia which is a diatom, has been known to cause widespread problems in terms of aquatic food contamination. Specifically, aquatic organisms commonly used for human consumption such as...

Explain the functions and restrictions of the Reticular Activating System (RAS) Essay

Explain the functions and restrictions of the Reticular Activating System (RAS)
            The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is basically a part of the brain that mainly consists of cholinergic and ascending noradrenergic projections that originate in the brainstem (Berntson et al., 2008). These...

Bio Psychological Disorders Essay

Schizophrenia affects about one percent of the human population, and can be genetic. If one parent has it then their children run the risk of having this disorder. There is no known cause of this disorder it can be genetic or environmental. There is no clear answer as to why if it runs in a family it can...

The Dynamics of Fear Response Essay

“Fear is a chain reaction in the brain that starts with a stressful stimulus and ends with a release of chemicals. ” (Layton, 2010) Fear is a response given out from the brain. The brain is part of the Central Nervous System. It has many different parts that work together to do day to day things, even when...

The Most Powerful Force in the World: the Human Mind Essay

The Romanticism time period was a huge contributor to what literature is today. It was one of the first forms of American writing which was spread and read throughout the United States. The view points during this time period however were very different. Some wrote as Transcendentalists who were very...

Ben Carson Gifted Hands Essay

1. Dr. Ben Carson’s three major influences were God, ROTC, and his mom. His Mom was a big influence in his life because she practically raised him by herself when his father left them. God was a major influence on him because his mother had always taught him to pray. Whenever he had problems she told him...

The Differences between the Male and Female Brains Essay

The Differences between the Male and Female Brains
The human brain is the most complex and unique organ of the body. This is where people's thoughts originate. The brain is the control center of the body, and it is responsible for every action and reaction, every feeling and sensation (Philips, 2006).

The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Brain Essay

The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Brain
Having enough sleep is quite important as it enables regeneration body parts such as the brain. On the contrary, the modern community seems to be marked much work and limited time to complete it on daily basis. This prompts some individuals to engage in...

The Best Toy Puzzle Essay

The Best Toy Puzzle
Erno Rubik, the brilliant inventor of the puzzle Rubik’s Cube, invented the amazing puzzle during the spring of 1974. However, Rubik’s initial attraction to inventing the Cube was not in producing the best selling toy puzzle in history but, as an architect, to design a ground-breaking...

Cell Phones Are the New Cancer Essay

This article is about if cell phones can cause brain cancer and slows brain metabolism. The scientists had volunteers to test out there theories. The volunteers held a flip phone to their ear for 50 minutes with a signal and then held the phone to their ear for 50 minutes without signal. "metabolism in the...

Psychology – Neuroplasticity Essay

Less than fifteen years ago, it was a known fact that the neural connections in the adult brain were hard-wired and the specific neurons in each brain area were only for that region’s form and function. Neuroscientists also believed that brain injury resulted in permanent loss of function because new neurons...

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