Offensive Play by Malcolm Gladwell

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Kyle Turley, a determined N. F. L offensive lineman from Nashville who played for 9 years. This position in football was a very dangerous one due to problems with your heads. His head was hit over and over again. The results of his head being hurt numerous times led to him experiencing black outs, dizziness, or even unconsciousness. He would sometimes overdue it because he would be so frustrated. Although after experiencing such harm this scares him now because even when he’s not on the field playing, he experiences headaches, nausea, and light-headedness.

On a typical day, he passed out in a bar in Nashville. He played a very tough position and now this affects his ability to have a steady head. Article#2 Michael Vick one of the most valued players in professional football who played for the Saint was involved in the involvement of illegal dog fighting which he pleaded guilty to. This cruel act of animal cruelty led to his house being raided. In his backyard, police found multiple dogs buried after being tortured and electrocuted.

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After Vick was caught he was suspended from N. F. L and was told to undergo psychiatric testing. So the author Gladwell compares humans to dogs. His thinks human beings should be responsible for the choices they make in life. Dogfighting, football, and science are all differentiated in this article to get his point out to the reader. Also, Anne McKee a neuropathologist, uses examples of N. F. L players who are suffering from dementia. . Imagine There’s No Sports Page by Larry Atkins This article discusses the broad future of newspapers.

He knows times are changing, and that he would like to think that himself as well as the Inquirer doing well, despite the other outlets that are now available. He feels they cover the important stuff. The way things are these days, the media entities more and more are financially entangled with the teams that are supposed to be covered. Television and radio stations may give sport coverage, but mostly can’t provide the depth and details of a game. Nowadays there are also websites that can focus on one sport or one team.

All these lead to the possible banishment of any newspaper having to be published. Olympics-Women Warriors Urged To Keep Up by Belinda Goldsmith This article is about Olympics women athletes being outnumbered by men on three of the five largest teams. U. S. and Chinese women bagged more medals than male team mates, although the women aren’t being recognized. The author talks about neutrality and equality being two key values on the women’s rights campaigners and encouraged that it be more progressed at the Olympics.

She also states that, Campaigners were outraged about female athletes having to travel on buses while the male athletes get to travel on planes. This article also shows that a UK study by the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation found that female sports only get a sad 0. 5 percent of commercial sports sponsorship. Doping Dilemma by Michael Shermer This article is about the consequences behind the performance enhancing substances in professional sports. He mentions anecdote in which athletes have a genetic limitation they cannot exceed.

According to the author, the only thing to be done is dope. For an athlete to show good performance and play they may use enhancing substances to help perform well. Today’s drugs are harder to test and are better he explains. Some of these athletes have nothing better to do in life but play football, tend to dope, to perform better and stay in the game. But the dangers of drugs claims lives and ruins the competitiveness of the trainers yet it’s a contest of who trains hardest and wants the most.

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