Earthquake Topics

Prioritization of action to be taken after Sichuan earthquake

After the Great earthquake, many building, road and other facilities were damaged. All of the highways into Wenchuan, and others throughout Sichuan province, were damaged, resulting in delayed arrival of the rescue troops. In Beichuan county, 80% of the buildings collapsed according to Xinhua News. In the...

Haiti Earthquake Sample Essay

Haiti is the poorest state in the Western Hemisphere. and is ranked 149th of 182 states on the Human Development Index. The Australian government’s travel consultative site had antecedently expressed concerns that Haitian exigency services would be unable to get by in the event of a major catastrophe. and...

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2001 Gujarat Earthquake Essay

2001 Gujarat earthquake The 2001 Gujarat earthquake occurred on January 26, 2001, at 03:17 UTC, and coincided with the 51st celebration of India's Republic Day. The location of the epicentre was Bhuj (23. 6° N 69. 8° E) Gujarat, India. With a moment magnitude (Mw) of between 7. 6 and 8. 1, the quake killed...

Earthquake and Seismic Waves Essay

What are Earthquakes?

The actual defining of a earthquake is: A sudden and violent shaking of the ground, sometimes causing great destruction, as a result of movements within the earth's crust or volcanic action. Basically what its saying is that when a tectonic plate slips past another and when that...

The 1999 Izmit Earthquake Disaster Report, Turkey Essay

The 1999 Izmit Earthquake Disaster Report, Turkey


In the year 1999, turkey was hit by a serious earthquake known as the Kocaeli. The Mw 7.4 earthquake is one of the world’s largest and best studied earth’s horizontal movement (strike slip faults). The earthquake occurred on the east west...

The Tangshan Earthquake Essay

The Tangshan Earthquake
On July 28, 1976, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake (other sources estimate the magnitude as high as 8.2-8.3 on the Richter scale) occurred in the People’s Republic of China, with the epicenter near Tangshan, the Hebei Province. The earthquake struck at 3:42 a.m. and lasted for 10-14...

The Earthquake in Chile Essay

The Earthquake in Chile
            Heinrich von Kleist’s “The Earthquake in Chile” presented a number of ideas and concepts embedded within the story of star-crossed lovers Jeronimo Rugera and Josephe Asteron. By and large, it was a representation of many themes in one story such that the major ideas of...

Development Studies Essay

An earthquake, which may be termed as a quake, tremor or temblor is the result of a sudden release of energy in the earth’s crust that creates seismic waves that cause a lot of destruction in the social and economic environment and the natural environment itself. The seismic activity of an area refers to the...

Kobe and Sichuan Earthquake Essay

Comparing Kobe and Sichuan Earthquake- “The wealth of a country influences the nature of the earthquake event experienced there”. With reference to the Kobe earthquake (1995) and Sichuan earthquake (2008), decide whether this statement is true or not.
This statement can be true in a number of ways, because...

The Kobe Earthquake Why Didd Mrs Endo Die? Essay

On the 17th of January 1995, a great earthquake struck the Japanese city of Kobe at 5:40 am. Over 80% of the quake victims died together with Mrs Endo, her husband, however, did not! There are numerous reasons why, the aim of this essay is to explain them to you. The earthquake started due to the fact that...

Earthquake Proof Buildings Essay

When designing earthquake safe structures the first consideration is to make the highest bit, the roof, as light as possible. This is best done with profiled steel cladding on light gauge steel Zed purlins. This can also have double skin with spacers and insulation. It can have a roof slope between 3 and 15...

New Madrid Earthquake Essay

THE NEW MADRID EARTHQUAKE OF 1812 Some of the most severe earthquakes in the United States occurred not on the Pacific Coast but in the middle of the continent in southeastern Missouri near the town of New Madrid. There are many things that were unusual about the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812. The...

2010 Chile Earthquake Case Study Essay

Earthquake Case History: 2010 Mw = 8. 8 Mega-thrust Earthquake, Maule, Chile 5/2/13 By Travis Eddy 1. Introduction In early 2010 central south Chile experienced a Mw = 8. 8 earthquake and large tsunami waves that devastated areas on the Chilean Pacific coast, nearby offshore islands, and areas near the...

The Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami of 2004 Essay

The tsunami of 2004 was a very devastating loss for many people around the eastern coast of India. It caused a lot of damage to the area. Even though the tsunami was pretty bad, some of the effected countries were able to start quickly recovering. The tsunami was a very traumatic experience for people in...

Natural Disaster Essay

Natural disasters eARTHQUAKE, TYPHOON, AND TORNADO Kenneth W. Lingenfelter Instructor Wael Hassian Park University Internet Campus A course paper presented to the School for Arts and Sciences and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Baccalaureate Natural Disasters...

Why the earthquake happened in chile Essay

Volodymyr Sadovyy 10-19-13 804 science The purpose of this experiment is to find out why the earthquake of Chile occur in 1960. The reason why the earthquake accrued is the Nazca Plate has been colliding and subducting underneath the South American plate for thousands of years. The 1960 Chile earthquake was...

Vivid Language Analysis Essay

Within the “The Story of an Eyewitness” by Jack London he uses vivid language to describe the San Francisco Earthquake. As he tells the report about the earthquake, he uses descriptive words to explain the damages to the city. For example the smoke was able to be seen from hundred miles away. London also...

Kobe earthquake plan Essay

Kobe Earthquake Essay
Write a 700 word essay with the title:
‘What were the primary and secondary effects of the Kobe earthquake and why do you think it had such a big impact?’ (more…)...

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