Physical Geography Topics

Systematically review and critically evaluate the current protection measures available for nature conservation in the UK Essay

The World Conservation Strategy in 1980 defined conservation as the ‘management of the human use of the biosphere so that it may yield the greatest sustainable benefit to present generations while maintaining its potential to meet the needs and aspirations of future generations’ (Gilpin,2000:54). There are...

Analysis of the documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle” Essay

The Great Global Warming Swindle is a documentary produced in 2007 which argues the nonexistence of anthropogenic climate change. It seeks to poke holes in scientific evidence for climate change while illustrating the political and ideological motivations that fuel the myth of its existence. In the wake of...

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Physical Geography
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Hastings Country Park Essay

At Hastings Country Park the balance between the conflicting interests of conservation of the environment and free access to the public for leisure and recreation has not been achieved.

Hastings Country Park was setup along with other country parks in the UK to open up opportunities for recreational...

Air masses and how they affect the UK Essay

1) Describe the pattern of air masses that affect that country

An air mass is a large stable area of air which has little or no variation f its properties. The air mass will take on some of the properties from the ground on which it comes into contact with. The main property that the air mass 'inherits'...

Day one: East Prawle – Start Point Essay

On day one, we analysed the areas of East Prawle to Start Bay, and noted key evidence that shows how geomorphic processes are able to shape a natural landscape over time. Such as weathering, erosion, transportation and deposition. Through doing this we could get a better understanding of how and why the...

Tidermarsh ?oursework Essay

The hypothesis states that Tidermarsh is a good place for new housing. I will say if is true, partially true or false. The finding will be presented in the following areas:

* What are the proportions and are they sustainable?

* Method

* Results - tables of data

* What human factors affect the...

Taal Volcano Essay

Taal volcano is a lush green island, with lots of vegetation but also, with some "desert" areas, created by ash and cinder from the Kaygabok Lava Flow (1969). It is in Tagaytay which is about 2 hours south of Manila (Figure 1). Taal Volcano Island is in the middle of Taal Lake. Taal is an important volcano...

Global Warming – The problem began when environmentalists and scientists realised that the world’s temperatures were on a steady rise Essay

Global warming has become a significant issue both environmentally and politically in our society today. The problem began when environmentalists and scientists realised that the world's temperatures were on a steady rise (partly as a result of the burning of greenhouse gases creating a depletion of the...

Sea Level Change Essay

a) Describe the processes of isostatic and eustatic sea level change

Both isostatic and eustatic changes relate to oscillations of sea level on local, regional or global scale. Eustatic changes are the result of an increase or decrease in global water volume and isostatic changes involve changes in the...

How Is the Amazon Rainforest Seen As a Resource – the Arguments For and Against Deforestation Essay

Brazil is a rapidly growing population which leaves the Amazon rainforest under threat, and an increasing demand by that population for its natural resources. The main uses of the rainforest ecosystem include:

* Shifting cultivation by Amerindians

* Ranching to provide beef for fast food companies in...

Disaster Management Bureau of Bangladesh Essay

I am Sadeer Nasser, a researcher for UNICEF and currently I am in Bangladesh looking into causes and effects of flooding. As you may already know a major source of flooding in Bangladesh are tropical cyclones. I have come to Bangladesh to find a solution to prevent lots of damage happening in Bangladesh....

Holiday Report Essay

I have chosen to compare two4 resorts on the Island of Kos for my application of number and will compare these on price and facilities to see which the best is but also the most value for money. I want to go to the island of Kos because the weather there is usually very warm and sunny which is perfect for a...

Brighton methodology Essay

Why was the data necessary?

Where was the data collected?

How was the data collected?

Problems encountered on the day?

On the day solutions to problems.

Questionnaire to residents

To find out views from the residents if they thought redeveloping the west pier are would have a positive...

Volcanoes at destructive and constructive margins Essay

I agree that volcanic impacts are more hazardous near destructive margins than constructive ones. Destructive margins occur where continental and oceanic plates converge together or oceanic and oceanic plates converge together. For the former, the continental crust has a rock density much lower than the...

Case Study: Guadiamar River Essay

On April 25, 1998 At the Los Frailes Mine, owned by the Swedish/Canadian Company Boliden, The dam burst which was holding back the toxic mining waste. Boliden claim that this was due to Seismic shift but other people said that local authorities have received warnings that the Dam was unstable and likely to...

Original Fieldworld investigation on river Hyndburn Brook Essay

This is the original geographical investigation conducted on Hyndburn Brook near Clayton-Le-Moors (source is at 73930), Great Harwood. Hyndburn Brook is a tributary of the River Calder. The following hypothesis will be investigated: 'Does Hyndburn Brook fit the Bradshaw Model.' The Bradshaw model is in...

Geography Coursework – Field Trip Essay

As apart of my Geography GCSE Course work I had to take part in a field trip. The trip and associated course work represents 25% of the total marks. There was one of four project heading that I could have chosen to write about. I have chosen to write about the following : "Are the Beaches of eastern UAE...

Soil fertility and mans effect on the soil Essay

The phase soil fertility refers to how well plants will grow in a specific soil. There are many aspects to soil fertility these are :-

* The type of soil

* The structure of the soil

* The acidity

* The minerals in the soil

* Man

The type of soil refers to the texture and the type of...

As Look Back in Anger was set in the Midlands, John Osborne used accent and dialect throughout the whole of the play Essay

As Look Back in Anger was set in the Midlands, John Osborne used accent and dialect throughout the whole of the play. The language in this play is somewhat different to the plays written and produced before John Osborne's time. Osborne uses very realistic and modern language to get his point, views and ideas...

Why is Deforestation a Global Concern? Essay

Why is Deforestation a Global Concern?

Deforestation is the cutting down of trees for Logging, Mining and Country Development. Logging is done to produce wood for house furniture. Mining is done to dig up ore. While like the U.K did many years ago countries are chopping down trees to develop their...

My Tourist Resort Essay

On the map of Paradise Island, I have chosen Site A (296,723) to be the location of My Tourist Resort. There are several reasons why it's a good place to have a tourist resort, but certainly also quite a few reasons why it may not be a good place to have a tourist resort.

Some of the positives of this...

Welcome aboard Christine’s Canadian adventure tour! Essay

Welcome aboard Christine's Canadian adventure tour! Our tour begins in the capital city of the Yukon Territory: Whitehorse. Once leaving Whitehorse on our tour, we will be visiting the four extremities of Canada, the area of highest elevation, paddling the longest river, fishing in the largest lake,...

What new developments have already taken place? Essay

The two roads which I am focusing on in Yeovil are Sherborne Road and the Old Station Road. Sherborne Road is the main road to enter Yeovil from Sherborne. The road is located in the inner city of Yeovil and therefore contains terraced house with on street parking and small front and back gardens. The lower...

Discussion of Tourism Impacts on Historic Towns Essay

In this essay will be discussed the socio-cultural impact of tourism on historic towns, looking at the case of Canterbury, Kent. Some ideas will also be given of how to reduce the negative and increase the positive impacts of tourism activities.

Canterbury is situated in north-East Kent. The city lies on...

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