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The Badlands, The Graduate and The Sound of Music Movie comparison



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    Film Appreciation – Assignment 1
    The Sound of Music:
    The Sound of Music is about a woman, called Maria, who’s studying towards becoming a nun and
    gets sent away to govern a widowed military commander, Captain Georg Ritter von Trapp, and his
    seven children. Resulting in the children coming to like her, she falls in love with the captain – just
    as he was about to marry another woman but he doesn’t and rather gets married to Maria. Maria
    ends up learning the children to sing while Captain von Trapp is back in service as the Nazis take
    over Austria. Maria teaches the children singing. Meanwhile, the Nazis take power in Austria as
    part of the Anschluss, and want Captain von Trapp back in service. Although all the Nazi drama the
    whole family flees and walks over the mountains to Switzerland as a singing performance in a
    protected theatre take place.
    Despite the fact that the film is based on real life events the film doesn’t portray a believable form
    like the New Hollywood period.
    The Sound of Music being a Musical clearly links to the Classical Hollywood era. Alongside the
    rather fearless and delightful singing and choreography the film’s narrative gave a feeling of
    wonderment and idealism through the utilisation of pleasant visuals, complex and involved set
    I found The Sound of Music to be a rather lavishing, smooth and well executed film.
    The film’s stylistic characteristics definitely added to the feel of the film, to me the editing felt like it
    was cut in such a way that it adds to the happy-go-lucky feel. The camera work was done in such a
    way that it felt like the camera was essentially just capturing all their ‘performance’ as they open up
    more to each other.The Graduate:
    The Graduate follows a graduate student, Benjamin Braddock, who returns home to proud parents
    but he worries that he’s not sure what he’s going to end up doing for the rest of his life. His father’s
    partner, Mrs. Robinson, soon seduces him and they…

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