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The Concept Of Justice In The Odyssey

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Essay, Research Paper

The Odyssey is a Grecian word intending the narrative of Odysseus. Odysseus, the King of Ithaca ; hubby of Penelope ; male parent of Telemachus ; and boy of Laertes was non able to return place after the war he was one time in: the Trojan War. Stuck on an island, he is presumed dead. In his absence, suers for his married woman ruin his house with munificent banquets. This heroic poem verse form, by Homer, describes how Odysseus, with the aid of the Gods, gets place and regains his kingship.

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The Concept Of Justice In The Odyssey
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Justice is ever rough in the Odyssey ; there is either no justness or a batch of it ; the penalty nevertheless, is ever terrible. Justice in the Odyssey plays out among these characters: Odysseus and his crew, the suers, Poseidon, Aeolus, Hyperion, Agamemnon, Aegisthus, Melanthius, Melantho, Telemachus, and Polyphemus. Each one of these characters does something incorrect and receives a rough penalty. In the Odyssey, justness, when done, ever allots a big penalty, ne’er a little one.

Aegisthus courted Agamemnon s married woman and so killed him. The justness of the Gods is a fleet and powerful one. However, Aegisthus had been warned: we ourselves had sent Hermes, the sharp-eyed Giant-slayer, to warn him neither to kill the adult male nor to tribunal his married woman ( pg. 4 ) . Aegisthus ignored the warning, killing Agamemnon and wooing his married woman. Orestes, Agamemnon s boy, killed Aegisthus to revenge his male parent s decease. The Gods saw this as Swift, carnival, and powerful justness: And now Aegisthus has paid the concluding monetary value for all his wickednesss ( pg. 4 ) .The suers, led by Antinous and Eurymachus, expect justness to be served when Telemachus sails to Pylos without stating them. [ The ] Suitors had embarked and were sailing the high seas with slaying for Telemachus in their Black Marias ( pg. 69 ) . They finally found him, nevertheless they did non kill him like they sought out to. This is a instance in which justness did non go on at all.The escapade of Odysseus and Polyphemus, the cycloptic boy of Poseidon, showed good illustrations of justness. Polyphemus ate four work forces of Odysseus crew and in return, Odysseus and his staying crew administered justness: Seizing the olive pole, they drove its sharpened terminal into the Cyclops oculus ( pg. 135 ) . In making this, they were able to get away and they set canvas. Odysseus, carried off in his pride, announced his individuality to Polyphemus. When he had heard Odysseus name, Polyphemus called upon his male parent, Poseidon, to administrate justness on Odysseus for harming him so.Poseidon sought out justness for Odysseus because he had harmed one of his boies. When Odysseus departed from Calypso s island, Poseidon noticed and wrecked mayhem utilizing his powers of the sea: [ Odysseus ] heard the boom of breaker on a bouldery seashore. With an angry boom the great seas were buffeting at the bouldery land and all was veiled in spray. There were no coves, no seaport, that would keep a ship ; nil but headlands stick outing out, sheer stone and jagged reefs ( pg. 81-82 ) . Besides after the Phaeacians had helped Odysseus, Poseidon punished them for their kindness to his enemy.Hyperion, the Sun God, loved his cowss and told Odysseus and his crew non to eat them. When the crew was hungering, they slaughtered and ate Hyperion s cattles. Hyperion demanded justness from the Gods: Father Zeus and you other blessed Gods who live for of all time, take retribution on the followings of Odysseus. . . They have reprehensively killed my cowss, the cowss that gave me such joy every twenty-four hours as I climbed the starry sky and as I dropped down from heaven and sank one time

more to earth ( pg. 190 ) . Zeus answered Hyperion and killed all of Odysseus crew.

Aeolus had given Odysseus a big leather bag, which contained the strong air currents that could put them off class. Odysseus crew got funny and opened the bag. All the strong air currents hurried them off class, and they finally landed back to Aeolus island. They went to Aeolus and asked for aid. However Aeolus was really huffy for the crew s sloppiness and demanded that Odysseus and his crew leave the island: Get off this island immediately! The universe holds no 1 more execrable than you, and it is non right for me entertain and equip a adult male detested by the blessed Gods. Your returning like this shows that they detest you. Get out! ( pg. 144 ) . They were forced to go without any benefit of any winds.When Odysseus foremost returned place, he was disguised as a mendicant. He checked up on his retainers to do certain they remained loyal. However some were really much corrupted during Odysseus absence. Melanthius, the main goat herder, was unpatriotic and an appeaser of the suers. Melanthius insulted the mendicant, which happened to be Odysseus, naming him a nauseating mendicant and plate-licker ( pg. 261 ) . Another disloyal retainer to Odysseus was Melantho. She was a housemaid of the family, nevertheless she became the kept woman of Eurymachus. All the unpatriotic retainers were killed after the suers. Melanthius organic structure was mutilated.The suers led by Antinous and Eurymachus were finally killed. The Justice was good planned and powerful. The suers had many warning before they were punished for their actions. The first warning was made from Telemachus: I pray that Zeus will convey a twenty-four hours of calculation, when in this house I will destruct you. . . In reply to his words, Zeus the Thunderer urged two bird of Joves into flight from the mountain-top ( pg. 21 ) . Odysseus warned Amphinomous, the kindest of suers, of what will go on ; nevertheless he refused to believe it. And eventually, Theoclymenus, a forecaster, warned the suers of their destiny: I see progressing on you all a calamity which you can non trust to last or eschew, no non a individual one of you with you barbarous Acts of the Apostless and foolhardy secret plans here in the place of godlike Odysseus ( pg. 314 ) . No suer listened to the warnings, and they were all killed except for Phemius the bard and Medon the trumpeter. These two were non killed because they were forced to side with the suers. The individual who committed the most offenses was the first individual to be killed: Antinous. Eurymachus tried to avoid the justification of his evil workss: the adult male who was responsible for everything prevarications dead already, Antinous here, the premier mover in these misbehaviors. . . We will each convey a part to the value of 20 cattle, and refund you in bronze and gold, till your bosom softens. Meanwhile, no 1 could fault you for your choler ( pg. 330 ) . However his soft-talking did non consequence Odysseus, and he killed Eurymachus.Justice in the Odyssey can travel either manner: offenses are either excessively badly punished or non punished at all. This is so, in the illustration of the Antinous Telemachus struggle. Antinous sought to kill Telemachus because he ne’er told him that he was go forthing Ithaca. They found him, but they ne’er really executed the penalty. A premier illustration of when justness was served in a rough mode was when Odysseus stabbed Polyhemus in the oculus, blinding him everlastingly for keeping him confined. Thus the penalty did non ever fit the offense, and justness was done randomly.

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