The Definition of the American Dream Essay

What’s the America Dream? - The Definition of the American Dream Essay introduction?? What Is the American Dream? Many people discover success in a range of things. There are many different definitions of the American Dream. However, the American Dream embrace a sight of respective prosper, personal safety, and personal liberty. The American Dream is usually associated with the freedom and opportunity of gaining prosperity and power. The American Dream is accurately what it seems to be the change of millions of people. As a young child my American Dream is always been be able to own my house and have a good job that would help me to be an independent woman in the future. Since I have the mentality of a young lady I knew that wanted to be independent woman owning my house and working. I was raised by a single mother for 12 years and I watched her struggling for me and my brother, she taught me that I don’t need the help of nobody to go after what I want. So I could say that my mom encourage me to follow my American Dream.

My mom always told me “Jessica, don’t let nobody ever stop you from following your dreams because that is not what I taught you as a child”. My mom has always push me to do good and become the young lady that I am today, a 18 years old young lady whose ready for the future and can’t wait until the day where I am on my living room of my house drinking coffee with my mom thanking her for encourage me to follow my dreams. Where do I see myself in 10-20 years from now? I see myself owning a house with a job and maybe if I’m ready to take a new step in my life with a family because I will also like to have a family in the future. But that’s if I really want a family too because I’ll like to have a family but that’s not my main American dreams, my main American dream would be having a house and a job.

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Maybe in 10-20 years from now I’ll be living in my house back in Puerto Rico because I would love to go back from where I am from and live over there but then again that’s something I wouldn’t know if it would happen because I really don’t know what’s the future waiting for me. Now that I think about it there’s so many things that I consider a American Dream like be independent or having a little family but for now my main American dream would be owning a house with a good job, making my mom proud and thanking her for everything.

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