”The House on Mango Street” by Sandra Cisneros Sample Essay

Sandra Cisneros’ book The House on Mango Street raises a figure of issues that merit farther treatment. In this essay. you are to take a sketch and discourse an issue that is raised by the narrative. Then. associate the issue raised by the narrative to your ain life. You need non hold with Cisneros’ take on the issue. but in your essay you should utilize her thoughts as a jumping off point for your ain apprehension of the issue.

You will necessitate to utilize quotation marks from the text to back up your remarks about Cisneros and House on Mango Street.

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In order to efficaciously utilize quotation marks. you need to make more than merely infix them into your paper and anticipate the quotation mark to explicate itself. Alternatively. you should dialogue with ( speak back to ) the quotation mark. Explain to your reader what you think the quotation mark means and so react to that significance. Quotation marks should be cited in MLA format.


Male/Female gender functions ( Minerva. Sally. Rafaela. Mamacita. Linoleum Roses ) Power kineticss of male/female relationships ( same as above. plus Beautiful and Cruel. Monkey Garden. Red Clowns ) Adolescence and the developing consciousness of the opposite gender ( Family of Little Feet. Hips. Sire. Monkey Garden ) The experience of shame ( House on Mango Street. Rice Sandwich. Bums in the Attic. Monkey Garden ) The power of authorship ( Rafaela. Mango Says Goodbye Sometimes ) The duty of people to where they came from ( Three Sisters. Alicia and I Talking on Edna’s Steps. Mango Says Goodbye Sometimes )

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