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The book The Giver by Lois Lowry warns us about the importance of having the right of choice, feelings, and memories. The story follows a boy named Jonas who realizes that his perfect and controlled community is not as ideal as it seems. Through the lack of freedom presented in the novel, the author portrays the benefit and importance of freedom of choice in areas such as job, sexuality, and ownership. The book also emphasizes the significance of feelings, including physical and emotional, and how they make a person alive and independent. Additionally, the novel highlights the importance of memories to human life, as they bring knowledge and diverse points of view. Overall, The Giver teaches us the value of making our own decisions, experiencing feelings, and remembering our past to shape a better future.

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How the book tries to warn us about the importance of right of choice, feelings and memories. The Giver Is a very distinguished novel written by LOIS Larry. It follows the story of a boy through the twelfth year of his life. Jonas s world was perfect, and everything was under control. In his “community ” there was no war, no pain, nor choices. At the time he turned twelve , he was assigned as the new memory receiver and was singled out to receive special training from the giver. So as he undergoes his training he start realizing he lived on a rigidly controlled society where nothing was as idealized as it seemed.

From the novel we can clearly observe how the author portrays and image of a futuristic utopia trying to warn us about the importance of right of choice, feelings and memories. From “The Giver” we can deduce the benefit and the importance of the freedom of choice. This can be reflected on how people should be free to choose the Job they prefer, In the book the elders preformed a ceremony were everyone is assigned a different Job depending on their qualities without taking Into account their likes.

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As well, people should have the right to choose about their sexuality, on the novel boys needed to take pills that controlled their “stirrings”. In addition, what people own Is also one of the things they should decide about, in “The Giver” everyone was alike, they wear the same clothes, own the same house, ride the same bike etc… Concluding, from the lack of freedom presented in the novel we can realize the value of making own decisions. In “The Giver” we can see how fundamental feelings are.

This can be evidence on owe people should marry someone they love, on the book people do not decide who they marry or receive as children. We can also refer to how in the novel people are able to release (kill) someone without felling guilt or loss, this suggests that people do not control their own emotions. Besides, physical feelings are also very Important and should be normal. In “The Giver” feeling sexual desire Is forbidden. Reasoning out, considering the absence of feelings on Sonar’s community, we can infer that a person without feelings is lifeless, and that feelings are basic and highly needed.

One of the essential themes on “The Giver” is the significance of memory to human life. If one doesn’t remember his errors, he may repeat them. On the book people didn’t had anything to regret or feel bad about, for example, a war. Without memories, people are not able to remember their emotions, on the story people didn’t knew the real meaning of words such as “love” or “loss”, this happened because since they can’t remember it, they have not experienced it. From memories, comes knowledge, and with It diverse points of view and ways of seeing things.

In the novel we can notice how everyone thinks the same, does the same and has the equal perspective about various life Issues. Due to the poverty of memories on the book, we can state how vital and valuable memories are for each individual. Needs for each human being. We can also contemplate how the author illustrates the aforementioned episodes, in order to emphasize on the importance of each of the areas which show us how this can affect in good and bad ways every single citation life, and how they make each person Unix and independent.

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