“The Great Gatsby” – Themes and Moral Lessons Sample

All books have subjects and lessons in them that teach us something of import after reading them. Sometimes these lessons are learned from the characters of the books. In The Great Gatsby. Jay Gatsby teaches us lessons about success. hope. and moralss or ethical motives. Many of the characters in The Great Gatsby are used to build different subjects and learn us moral lessons.

Gatsby has been in love with daisy for many old ages. Gatsby uses illegal and unethical ways to get wealth that he thinks he needs to hold Daisy’s bosom. Since Tom and Daisy have a big house. a epicurean life. a comforted life style. Gatsby feels he must hold this excessively to win Daisy’s bosom. In fact. Gatsby tried about every individual thing that money could purchase to seek to fulfill his love for Daisy. He frequently threw excessive parties with hope that she might demo up and see him in all his wealth. “I think he half expected her to roll into one of his parties. some dark. but she ne’er did. ” Gatsby ne’er confronted her and told her his true feelings. And in the terminal the two ne’er got together. Gatsby in world was a alone and unhappy individual with no true friends. In fact merely 3 people showed up to his funeral. This lesson shows that money can non purchase felicity.

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They characters in the novel are corrupt in the manner that they do non care for anybody but themselves. They are selfish and controlled by wealth and money. Love and felicity are things that can ne’er be bought. For case Tom and Daisy are married and have a kid together. but they both still commit criminal conversation. “They were careless people. Tom and Daisy — they smashed up things and animals and so retreated back into their money or their huge sloppiness. or whatever it was that kept them together. and allow other people clean up the muss they had made…” ( Fitzgerald 170 ) . Daisy lost her love for Gatsby when she found out he was involved in illegal activities. Tom was angry about Daisy’s matter even though he was holding one of his ain. The lesson here is that hapless ethical motives and moralss lead to corruptness and sadness.

Gatsby’s existent ground for purchasing his sign of the zodiac in the West Egg was to win Daisy’s bosom. He tries to do a row between himself and Tom. “Your married woman doesn’t love you. ” said Gatsby “She’s ne’er loved you. She loves me. ” ( Fitzgerald 130 ) Fitzgerald explains through the narrative that if dreams are excessively antic. so they can ne’er be fulfilled. As you read the book you will happen that Gatsby is a naif character. seeking to try the impossible undertaking of reiterating the yesteryear. The lesson here is that a individual can non reiterate the yesteryear.

In decision. the characters in “The Great Gatsby” teach us lessons of that felicity and love can non be bought. you can non reiterate the yesteryear. and if dreams are to antic. they can ne’er be fulfilled.

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