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The Necklace Plot Summary

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Tiffany Morris English 1102 September 10, 2009 “The Necklace” Plot Summary “The Necklace” starts with a description of Madame Loisel. Madame Loisel and her husband whom is just a clerk are far from being well off financially, this doesn’t stop Madame Loisel from wanting to live a lavish life above her means. She dreams of status, to rub noses with the elite, gourmet meals and decadent dresses. Madame Loisels’ husband goes through trouble of getting a invite to the ball to make a his unappreciative wife happy.

Not receiving the reaction as planned Madame Loisel is once again complaining of having nothing to wear.

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The Necklace Plot Summary
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The very frugal clerk suggests that she wears her theater dress only to be mocked. She convinces him to spend money he saved for summer lark hunts. As the day of the party drew near Mrs. Loisel once again complains, this time about having no jeweles to wear. Her husband suggests she borrow jewels from her old school friend Madame Forestier.

Mrs. Loisel visits her friend she assures her that she can pick out any piece of jewelry she likes. She decides upon a beautifully elaborate diamond necklace. During the ball Madame Loisel gets a taste of the recognition she craves so much.

She dances until her hearts content till four o’clock in the morning, where she then tries to slip away unnoticed with her husband home in one of those shabby carriages. When she returns home Madame Loisel realizes that the diamond necklace is no longer around her neck. Unsuccessful in finding the necklace, they decide it is best not replace the necklace rather to tell Madame Forestier that it is missing. Out of resources, her husband spends the only inheritance that he’ll receive of eighteen thousand francs along with another eighteen thousands francs borrowed from various people and loan sharks to replace the necklace.

They had to give up all of the small luxurious they had acquired such as the maid and they had to move out and into a attic flat. After having to endure years of back breaking work, their debt is finally paid off. Strolling along, her once youthful beauty no gone, she spots her friend Madame Forrestier whom is still beautiful and attractive. Mrs. Loisel finally breaks down and tells her what really happened to her necklace, only to be informed that the original necklace was only fake costume jewelry.

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