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Niccolo Machiavelli and His Book The Prince

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Правильное управление странами и государствами было трудной задачей с

начало времени. В каждой стране найдутся несчастные

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Niccolo Machiavelli and His Book The Prince
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и не согласится с вашим правилом, что приведет к сбою вашей системы. Итак, столетие спустя

века, люди пробовали новые способы сделать свою политику достаточной для всех

потребности. Однако искусство политики – это сложный и трудный вопрос, который

всегда будет необходимо иметь дело. Было много способов, которыми

люди проповедовали свои идеи о политике, но никто не был лучше, чем идеи

Никколо Макиавелли. Никколо родился в 1469 году и был непреклонен в создании мастера.

план захвата и контроля власти. Он озвучил эти темы о том, что нужно

стать князем государства в своей великолепной книге «Принц». В его книге много

темы были выражены для того, чтобы исполнить роль принца. Эти темы

варьировались от человеческой природы до военной силы и, самое главное, добродетели.

Мачавелли считал государство высшим достижением человека и

нужно любить государство больше, чем свою душу. Быть идеальным принцем – это

Очевидно, что это сложная задача, но, если все сделано правильно, она может быть очень полезной. Макиавелли

также считал, что природа человека не меняется. В общем Макиавелли

считал людей неблагодарными, эгоистичными и неискренними людьми, которым все равно

о себе. Следовательно, правительство должно принимать во внимание истинное положение человека.

природа и использовать его качества в своих целях. Макиавелли также объяснил, что

правитель, стремящийся к успеху, должен быть готов к плохим поступкам, когда

необходимо. Иногда он должен ласкать, иногда обижать, иногда прощать и

иногда наказывают. Это требование должно преобладать над всеми моральными суждениями, и

when making the decision, the ruler must act without hesitation. Hesitation

Another, and probably the most important concept of political success is

the idea of virtue. Virtue means strength, intelligence, and courage, the

necessary qualities of any human being. Machiavelli felt that the quality of virtue

was found in some of the world’s most important leaders; Moses, Cyrus, and

Romulus to name a few. Governments ruled by an individual depends upon this

leaders virtue. Without it, the political success will crumble.

Aside from virtue there is fortune or fate as we sometimes put it. Although

Machiavelli feels that the quality of virtue is necessary for a states success,

chance or luck also has an affect. He feels that in life no matter how much

intelligence and strength you have, there is a part of life in which you have little

or no control over. Virtue being a powerful quality, Machiavelli saw its potential

to build a defense against fortune. However, fortune is inconsistent and variable

so, you must treat it like a woman.

Machiavelli states, and I quote, “fortune is

woman, and it is necessary, if you wish to master her, to conquer her by force”.

His point is that when you encounter fortune, you must approach it aggressively.

Machiavelli said that the ruler must be able to imitate both the lion and the

fox. He is saying that the qualities of a ruler must show the bravery and strength

of a lion, but also, the slyness of the fox. These characteristics are imperative

for a new ruler especially. That way he can get the respect from the people right

away. An example of one ruler who showed both the qualities of a lion and a fox

was Septimus Serverus, a Roman emperor from 193-211 A.D. Another quality of

a ruler should be that he is both loved and feared. In actuality, it is almost

impossible to be both those, so it is better to be feared. Love can lose

effectiveness because of human nature. When something conflicts, love can

easily be overcome for one’s own private interests. And fear on the other hand

is maintained by the dread of punishment, which is always present. Machiavelli

made it very clear why it is better to be feared than loved. Another quality of a

prince is that it is better to be considered merciful than cruel, but mercy must

Machiavelli declared that the art of war was the subject of most

importance to the ruler. A prince can be attacked in two ways: internally, by

conspiracies, and externally, by enemies. A prince can defend himself from

external attacks by having good armed forces and good friends. He can defend

himself from conspiracies by avoiding hatred. Machiavelli also stated that no

prince should disarm his subjects or else he will have to resort to mercenary

troops. This would mean you would have to depend on the help of foreign

countries. These mercenaries are not fighting for their country so they don’t

care whether they win of lose. They are in it for the money so they are not

reliable. Machiavelli says the only way to have security is raising troops within

the country. They would be loyal soldiers who would be defending their home

and families. He also felt it was necessary to study history. This way he can

focus on successful rulers’ victories and defeats and analyze them for his own

well being. Alexander the Great studied and imitated the rule of Achilles and

went on to become one of the most successful rulers ever. Machiavelli felt that

these were necessary means in becoming a successful ruler. He also felt

fortifications had little importance, stating “the best fortress is to be found in the

In Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince, we have read numerous aspects of

becoming an effective and successful ruler. He focused on all aspects of life

and discussed each in great detail. He studied human nature, fortune, military

tactics, virtue, and personal qualities of past rulers and analyzed why each one’s

rule collapsed. He found out the ruler with both the lion and the fox qualities, he

was able to have a successful rule. Machiavelli was creating some sort of

machine that would be able to conquer fortune, human nature, conspiracies,

battle, and the test of to time to rule a politically unified Italy. The themes in The

Князь изменил взгляды на политику и руководство по сей день.


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