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The Speech Communication

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The speech communication, especially oral communication and public speaking are very important and indispensable in our contemporary life. In some situations as you want to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of specific problems, also you want to convince the other not to do something bad influencing to their health or give a speech in special anniversaries, you need know what to do and how to do. Thus, I need to know the basic principles and the way to do a speech in public because I am very bad at oral immunization.

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The Speech Communication
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Generally, my weaknesses are several and exactly I do not have strengths. First of all, because of shying so when I have a presentation before classmate cannot talk fluently. Although there is a careful preparation at home but the next day when I come to board and talk seemly forgot and stutter. That leads to Stay in one place and do not do any motion. Secondly, for some short prompt questions, I wrote down the answer or imagined it in my head UT when spoke out, continue to stutter and felt hot that sweat.

Eventually, when I stand in front of a group or many people in a room doing a presentation or speech, I feel scared because of my pronunciation, my language which is affected if I perceive scared and certainly it directly influence to my speech. It is hard to change myself but I hope through this course I can improve my skill to talk, express opinions in front of crowd more confident or at least when doing the presentation in class do not feel difficult.

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