The Trail of Tears: The United States Policy on the Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Indians were a small group of Native Americans in Georgia who changed their lifestyles to mirror ours in an attempt to fit in by making their society more civilized. Despite their attempts to fit in, the government felt poorly upon them and acted unjustly by evicting them from their land for what they thought would result in national benefit. However, this angered the mere twenty percent of the tribe still remaining after the long and devastating trek on the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma. The United States policy about the Cherokee Nation should allow the tribe to live in their native homelands as long as they do not choose to rebel or create any unnecessary quarrel. The Indians were strong believers that they should not be evicted from their land, not only because they were there first, but because they were trying to adopt the colonists’ lifestyles and they were not causing any harm.

The Cherokees were making many cultural changes to their community that mirrored the way that the colonists’ civilizations functioned Making a constitution and forming a society with public education that taught English wasn’t enough for the Americans, however. They still chose to evict the Cherokees for the land that they occupied, unaware that it was their loss to not preserve their beautiful culture. The Cherokees’, ever so innocent, were wrongly evicted from their land, They did nothing wrong and were merely enjoying themselves on the land they deserved. It was wrong of the colonists to come to the Americas and push Indians out of their land for personal benefit. If it weren’t for the gold that was supposedly on Indian soil, the Indians most likely would not have been evicted.

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The greed of the colonists was insane and horrible. Not only did the colonists decimate the Cherokee tribe, but they also violated the Constitution. The only benefit of the Trail of Tears issue was that it set many precedents for our modern court system, but were these worth the cost? The United States policy concerning the Native Americans should have been stricter and should not have allowed the colonists to push the Indians out of their home soil, I think that the American‘s doing so will result in war between the Indians and the Americans and more issues concerning the land, The American’s greed has lead them on to believe that they can evict all of the Indians from their homes for their profit, butjust as I predict, soon enough they will realize that the Indians are stronger than they thought and that they are not afraid to fight back when something is unjust.

In 1838, the U.S. government forcibly removed more than 16,000 Cherokee men, women, and children from their homes, farms, and towns and forced them to march over 1,000 miles to Indian Territory. The journey was treacherous, and thousands died from exposure, disease, and starvation. This journey is known as the Trail of Tears. The forced removal of the Cherokee Nation and other Native American tribes was a shameful chapter in American history. The Cherokee Nation suffered immeasurable loss of life, culture, and land as a result of this policy. Today, the Trail of Tears is remembered as a symbol of the injustices that Native American people have endured throughout American history.

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