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The Worn Path Essay, Research Paper

The Worn Path is a narrative written by Eudora Welty in 1942 about a hapless, aged, black adult female named Phoenix Jackson and dearly called Granny. This narrative’s scene is chiefly in the forests environing a little town in the southern United States. The chief subject concerns Phoenix’s journey through the forests utilizing colourful imagination such as black typifying decease and white typifying the old South’s civilization of white authorization. Phoenix is a inactive character who confronts struggles of adult male vs. adult male, adult male vs. nature and adult male vs. himself. During these struggles, we find Granny Jackson’s best inner qualities which are her wit, her willingness to take a opportunity and her ability to be content with her ain restrictions.

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Granny is a amusing, old adult female and likely does non even know it most of the clip. However, whenever she encounters an obstruction, an animate being or a individual, she relates to them in a humourous manner. Granny had a amusing incident with a thorn shrub where she says? I in the thorn shrub … Never want to allow folks go through, no sir? ( 72 ) . When she spoke to the animate beings that confronted her, she divertingly said? slumber on, alligators, and blow your bubbles? and later on? that black Canis familiaris come up out of the weeds to procrastinate you off, and now there he sitting on his all right tail, smiling at you? ( 73 ) . Last, the best quotation mark of Granny’s wit was when the huntsman found her prevarication in the ditch and asked her what she was making, and she replied? Liing on my dorsum like a June-bug waiting to be turned over, mister? ( 73 ) . Throughout the narrative, Granny Jackson supplies the narrative it’s wit merely by moving herself. The opportunities she takes puts her into state of affairss that become humourous when she expresses herself in her typical old state appeal manner.

Phoenix Jackson is a most audacious adult female shown by her willingness to take opportunities. Few other aged adult females would put on the line wellness and even decease to travel into town. Phoenix faced challenges such as the agonizing terrain, wild animate beings, and prejudice white aliens. Whether it is by Courage or stupidity, Phoenix ne’er showed fright when mounting a steep hill, traversing a brook by walking across a individual log, doing her manner through a labyrinth of maize taller than her caput or creeping through a barbed-wire fencing. Phoenix knew about the possible injury of foxes, bulls, two-headed serpents, alligators and other wild animate beings, but she still made the journey. Finally, when confronted by human signifiers

of danger like the shade, Phoenix extended her manus to touch it and when the white, prejudice huntsman with a scattergun told her twice to travel place, she continued into town anyhow. Phoenix Jackson is a adult female who is content with herself and self-confident adequate to take the opportunities necessary to enable herself to carry through what she needs to acquire done.

Most significantly, Granny Jackson’s wit and willingness to take opportunities stem from her ability to be content with her ain restrictions. Granny has rather a few restrictions associating chiefly to her age, physical wellness and deficiency of instruction yet she is rather content with them all. Along the manner, Granny gets stuck in a thorn shrub and alternatively of acquiring angry with herself, she accepts her defects and says kindly to the irritant shrub? Old eyes thought you was a reasonably small green shrub? ( 72 ) . When she mistook the straw man for a shade, she laughed at herself and merrily danced with the straw man. When Granny was sitting on the log and when she fell into the ditch, her dotage overcame her, but both times, she did non allow it trouble oneself her. Granny besides knew she could non flex over to bind her untied shoe, but she walked all the manner to town with it unfastened and upon arriving, she courteously asked a passer-by to make it for her. Last, when she was in the physician’s office, she forgot what she had come for because of the confrontation she had with the receptionist. However, she courteously apologized saying her deficiency of instruction and neglecting memory for burying. Very few older people are as peacefully content with their temperament as is Granny Jackson. She is a function theoretical account for all of us.

Phoenix Jackson is the sort of adult female everyone would wish to name Grandma. Because of her age, she has had many experiences in life. She is amusing, polite and full of endurance and strong will to take on whatever is necessary to get the better of the challenges that she must confront. The writer has portrayed Phoenix with a elusive heat that is endearing to the reader while at the same time providing an ample sum of symbolism. The writer wants the reader to wish Granny so that they will pay more attending and can associate to the jobs she endures during her journey, particularly 1s that are unambiguously related to her being black. The overall symbolism of the narrative is how the endurance, resourcefulness and strong heads of the black civilization can get the better of the suppression brought approximately by the white civilization, even in the face of decease.

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