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The article discusses the work styles and personalities of Thomas Green and Frank Davis, two employees at a company. Green prefers face-to-face communication with clients and does not like presentations, while Davis prefers to use memos and presentations in meetings. Green is solely focused on achieving sales targets, while Davis expects him to think outside the box and develop strategies. Green challenges Davis and complains about his decisions, which goes against Davis’s expectations. Despite being intelligent and goal-oriented, Green is unable to connect with the organization and follow Davis’s instructions. The article suggests that both McDonald and Davis aim to advance the company objectives and work strategically with a positive attitude.

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1. Work style and personality of Thomas Green – When it comes to his work in approaching clients for his ideas, he would prefer talking to his client directly or talk about things face to face. He doesn’t favor presentations and memos as a part of his work style. In addition, his lack of communication further weakened the situation between Davis and Green. Despite Green’s relationship with Davis as a subordinate, they were less connected with each other for their job progress and they didn’t communicate well because Green always doubted Davis’s decisions and always had a negative attitude. Green was too confident in his ideas and determination to see any mistakes in his actions.

Work style and personality of Frank Davis – Davis prefers using memos or presentations when a meeting is set up unlike Green, he also requires all his subordinates to keep him informed of their progress and schedules as a part of his work style. Frank Davis feels that he is much more experienced than Green due to his long career. He has self-discipline, acts dutifully and aims for achievement against measures or outside expectations. He expects Green to be focused and always have a strategy prepared. Davis had trust issues with him as well.

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2. Although Green is willing to achieve a high selling growth for the company but he concentrated too much on achieving the goal instead of observing the surrounding situation. He thinks a lot like an account executive who is only concerned with the sales target. But that’s not what Davis expects from Green, he expects Green to think outside the box and develop strategies. In addition, Green’s action of challenging Davis and complaining about his problems because he thinks Davis is not making the right forecasts, will formulate disappointment as it certainly does not match Davis’s expectations. Many other actions of Green are different from Davis’s expectations which he had clearly stated in the email to Mcdonald and Green.

3. According to my analysis, Thomas Green was very inventive, soon after his promotion, when he met Davis, he was able to come up with many new ideas and the clients responded very positively to these ideas in the beginning. Undoubtedly, Green was a very intelligent and goal-oriented individual but instead of pursuing the goals of the organization, he only looks out after his own personal gains. Another problem of Green’s was his inability to connect with the organization and refusal to follow Davis’s instructions. The fact that Davis is superior to Green; he should respect and follow Davis’s lead instead of challenging him and worrying about things that was not really a part of his job profile. His job performance was remarkable in the very beginning but towards the 2nd and 3rd month he changed his attitude and enthusiasm in his work. I entirely agree with the fact that when you are approaching clients to sell your ideas, you MUST make presentations and provide hard data for back up instead of just doing it verbally.

4. Since Mcdonald was the Vice President and Davis was the Marketing Director, the possible agendas would be to advance the company objectives and to meet those objectives as a team. Both their agendas were to handle work strategically and with a positive attitude. They were very good at providing service and maintaining brand loyalty and they wanted to continue being successful and goal oriented.

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