Titanic – diary of a survivor

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It all began on 10th of April in 1912 he continued, I was young and ambitious, and had just got my hands on a 3rd class ticket. At port I saw the most amazing site; the titanic was huge even biblical in size, “882 feet 9 inches long” said a man in the distance. The titanic towered over the city; she stood like a beacon of hope in an otherwise desolate world.

The ships 4 colossal chimneys reached for the sky they were mammoths of there class. Excited I ran to get on the ship “ticket please” said the stern ticket inspector.I handed him the ticket and proceeded onto the ship, such a magnificent site it was to behold, crystal chandlers hung from the ceiling and silk tapestries covered the walls. Surrounded by splendour I was truly in heaven for no mortal hands could produce such fine things.

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Suddenly I was grabbed by a guard “wrong entrance, go the other way” grunted the guard. I walked the 3rd class passage the differences were immediate chandeliers were replaced with dim light bulbs; cast iron hull plating replaced the magnificent tapestry’s.My cabin was small and crowded not the splendour I had expected but still I thought to myself in a week’s time I would be in America where a man can make his fortune and strike it rich. Stories of streets lined with gold and women fuelled my travel to America.

Later in the day made my way to the top deck to wave the ship out of port. As I made my way to the top deck I heard the huge roar of the ships mighty engines’, the massive engines pulled out of port heading for the new world.As the days pasted my spirit was invigorated with hope of the new world, the atmosphere was one of joy and excitement as there were many people like me whom were also heading to America in hope of a new life. One night I was talking to a man named tom Hargreaves.

“America is the future they say gold floes from the stream” said the tom in a matter of fact tone. “Do you really think that’s true “I replied “That’s what the say, not to mention those wild women they got out there “he whispered quietly.I went to head my head spinning of the adventure that awaited me. Suddenly I was woken by my room mate.

“Get up, you got to get up “he said panicked. “It can’t be morning already” I replayed “it’s bad we’ve hit something and the captain has ordered us to put on our life jackets”. I could head fear in his voice. I got up still sleepy and went to look for a member of crew to ask what was going on.

I found the quarter master, but he was swamped with people like me whom were trying to find out what was happening. Calm down, the life jackets are only a precautionary measure” he said trying to calm the huge crowd that gathered. Despite his reassurances I could tell he knew more than he was letting on.About 40 minutes had passed when I felt water under my feet.

When the o0ther passengers saw the water panic in sued, the atmosphere was tense everyone trying to get to the top deck I pushed and shoved and managed to get to the stares where 3 crew stood with guns drawn. “Women and children only,” shouted the frantic guard. Sweat dripped down his face, as the situation got even worse.The stand off lasted only a threw minutes before the desperate crowd began walked towards the guards, “stop I say, or Ill shoot you where you stand” The desperate crowd kept pushing up.

Bang. Bang. Bang the lead guard let of 3 shots hitting a man and a child. “Murders” the crowd shouted as the steady advance turned into a full fledged charge.

B “what have I done, but.. but I had no choice” tears flowed down his face. The two other guards ran off leaving there college to his fate.

The mob pounced on the remaining guard.I saw this as my chance to escape, running up the stares at full speed the water behind me rising slowly like a murderous knife. Charging past people I managed to get to the top deck just in time, the unsinkable titanic was splitting in two. I saw one last life boat and took my chance I ran faster than I hade ever before, running I jumped from the deck just in time.

I landed on lifeboat. The crew member on board ordered us to row.After 10 minutes of hard rowing I looked back to see an unbelievable site, the greatest ship ever constructed snapping in two like a twig. We have to go back!! ” I demanded as I heard the distant cries of dying soles, it was carnage.

“We cant they will swamp the boat” said the crew member never had I seen such a melancholy face. The atmosphere in the boat was one of sorrow women and children crying for there lost family members. “But” I stopped when I realised he was right, the boat was already full to the brim we couldn’t accommodate anyone else. We then sailed away our hearts heavy with our decision.

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