Titanic: One Of The Love Story With A Tragic Ending

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I have watched a lot of movies, but Titanic is my favourite movie ever. The movie has several cliff-hangers that make people curious and exciting. The thing I learned about Titanic were many. Some facts were interesting, some sad and sometimes I wondered :” Why did not they fix the script ? “. The movie started with a group of deep-sea exploration in 1990. They had found a nude drawing of a girl named Rose DeWitt Bukater , dated April 14, 1912, the night the Titanic sank. Inadvertently, an elderly woman watched and realized it from television.

She was the girl in that drawing. Then she met the leader of the group exploration and told them her story. Rose was born in an aristocratic family, when she was 17 years old, she had engaged with Caledon Hockley . She was a beautiful and intelligent girl but her fiancee was a arrogant person and a caveman. She did not agree the engagement so she decided to kill herself but Jack Dawson had rescued her. Jack Dawson was a poor artist but he was handsome, generous and humorous. They fell in love at that very moment. The love come to them very purely and naturally.

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When they met each other, the movie is more exciting, everything becomes romanticism. At last, Rose decided to go with Jack and wanted to live a happy life forever. But the fateful ship had changed the passengers life, also the desire of the couple Jack and Rose. The ship collide with iceberg and in serious situation. In that time, accused of stealing the necklace, Jack was arrested and handcuffed to the pipe. Becase of love, Rose run away from her fiancee and her mother in the lifeboat and released Jack. All lifeboats have departed. The ship broke in half. This is probably the most obvious reason.

When construction was complete, there was a newspaper article that called the ship “Practically Unsinkable”. When the ship sank, Jack had found a makeshift raft and gave Rose the only spot on it. When Jack stayed in the cold water and he knew he nearly to death so he wanted Rose to promise :” You must do me this honor …promise me you will survive.. that you will never give up… no matter what happens… no matter how hopeless… promise me now, and never let go of that promise”. His voice is trembling with the cold which is working this way to his heart. But his eyes are unwavering.

Some minutes later, he died and he was sunk deep at the bottom of the sea. Rose wanted to keep her promise so she kept move on and lived until now. I can not believe that The Titanic movie was released in 1997. It has many flawless technique in that time is unbelievable. The photography is really excellent. Every shot of the movie can seem to be a separate magnificent picture. The majestic views of the sunset in the sea, the scenes inside the Titanic, in luxurious halls, and of course the great view of a sinking liner, these pictures can not make you indifferent. The sound effects of the movie also realistic.

Beside the speech of main actors we can hear the splash of water, or the music and speech of the passengers in the restaurants. The main theme of this movie is the immortal soundtrack “ My Heart Will Go On “ performed by Celine Dion.. I had watched this movie three times but I can’t help crying when watching the ending of the movie. I admire the love between Jack and Rose very much. It is a endless love. Although they scarely know each other, it seems that they are belong together. The movie attracts people every single detail. Titanic always the best film I have ever watched.

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