Trench Warfare and Militarism in World War 1

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What is militarism? policy of military preparedness and building up weapons 2. How did the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand lead so many nations into war? Russia mobilizes army to help Austria-Hungary against Serbia, Germany thinks Russia is attacking Austria-Hungary, Declares war on Russia & then on their ally (France) then Britain declared war on Germany. 3.

Why do you think that European nations were willing to go to war so quickly? I think they just wanted to fight them and that they had a reason to do it so they took the chance and declared war on them. 4. What kinds of military technology were new in World War 1? Grey uniforms for camouflage, instead of bayonets they had machine guns now. 5. At the beginning of the war, how did the new military technology affect the way European leaders thought about the war?

They thought it was easier and I think they felt more safe because the machine guns allowed them to fire 600 bullets a minute killing many more people and they were more prepared because it only took 4 seconds to set up. 6. Was it reasonable for European leaders to believe the war would be quick? Why or why not? Yes I think they thought it wouldn’t take long because the technology really did speed up the process a little more. 7. What was trench warfare? Fighting from inside trenches 8.

How did trench warfare affect the progress of the war? The trench warfare brought in more new weapons and tools that became helpful along the way and I think it sped up the process also when they started having trench warfare. 9. How did soldiers try to overcome the limitations of trench warfare? Soldiers made new weapons and things when trench warfare started to make it easier on them they had airplanes, tanks, and gas masks to help them get through trenches and drop bombs on other peoples trenches.

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