Tonne of oil equivalent

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Download a two page PDF of our global operations Through our two main operating segments, Upstream and Downstream, we find, evolve and produce essential sources of energy, turning them into products that people need. Our projects and operations help to generate employment, investment and tax revenues in countries and communities around the world. What we do We aim to create value across the hydrocarbon value chain. This starts with exploration and ends with the supply of energy and other products fundamental to everyday life. Our business model Our strategy Our goal is to be a focused oil and gas company that delivers value over volume.

We are pursuing our strategy by setting clear priorities, actively managing a quality portfolio and employing our distinctive capabilities. Find out more about our strategy and key performance indicators. Executive management Our executive management Our people Our people are talented in a wide range of disciplines and our approach to professional development programmer and training helps build individual capabilities. We aim to achieve a balance between building internal expertise and recruiting external professionals and graduates.

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Working at BP An exciting careers awaits Our values Our values of safety, respect, excellence, courage and one team align explicitly with Up’s code of conduct and translate into the responsible actions necessary for the work we do every day. Our values represent the qualities and actions we wish to see in BP, they guide the way we do business and the decisions we make. What we aspire to be as an Our brands Each of our brands has its own heritage and personality, but they all have one thing in common – they all symbolize, embody or provide tremendous energy.

Our history Our master brands help keep the world Discover the rich history behind BP and our global Sustainability Technology Energy economics We believe that the best way for BP to achieve sustainable success as a company is to act in the long-term interests of our shareholders, our partners and society. We strive to be a world’s operator, a responsible corporate citizen and a good employer. Read more We develop and deploy technologies that we expect will make the greatest impact on our business.

From enhancing the safety and reliability of our operations to creating competitive advantage n energy discovery, recovery, efficiency and products. Read more The BP Energy Outlook 2035 contains our projections of future energy trends and factors that could affect them, based on our views of likely economic and population growth and developments in policy and technology. This builds on our annual Statistical Review of World Energy. Key reports Our key reports include information about our financial and operating performance, sustainability performance and also global energy trends and projections.

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