Two Weeks with the Queen Essay

Two weeks with the Queen is a fabulous book written by Morris Gleitzman. The main character is Colin, a 12 year old boy that is different to many other 12 year olds because he thinks outside the box. Colin is very jealous of his brother Luke. Firstly because he got his MiG fighter plane for Christmas, while all that Colin got was a black daggy pair of school shoes. ”Bet nobody gave you daggy school shoes for Christmas” says Colin glaring at the Queen on TV saying her Christmas speech.

Colin despises his new black shoes. Secondly, Colin is very naive at times. He insists on doing something even if his parents, Aunty Iris and Uncle Bob all say not to. Colin is very naive also because he thinks that he can just walk into the palace and speak to the Queen about Lukes illness, which he soon found out was not correct when he went to visit her. Colin is very unappreciative, he thinks of everything as being unfair on his side.

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Colin complains to his parents when he doesn’t get what he would like for Christmas. In the book his sincere wishes are that the new school shoes would burst into flames and explode into pieces. Colin has a positive outlook on his brothers’ illness. He has an ambition to succeed in finding a cure for Luke’s cancer; he has a fascination in Luke’s illness. “Luke isn’t going to die”. He persistently says to his parents. Lastly Colin is very generous towards Luke and his parents.

He offers to help his parents out with Luke while he is sick by saying, “I can help you make tea so you and dad can look after Luke, bring his homework home from school. You don’t have to send me away”. The book Two weeks with the Queen by Morris Gleitzman is a very enjoyable book because it shows how much you really care about your sibling’s. It also shows that no matter your age you can always give a helping hand if you try your hardest.

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