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Wedding Expo Narrative Report Sample

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Last Saturday. dated September 8. 2012 ~ we. pupils of Colegio de Sta. Teresa de Avila went to Mall of Asia – SMX Convention Center to go to and watch a nuptials event. The event was a nuptials exhibition where there were different of services such as: a ) Different gowns were illustrated to accommodate your gustatory sensation in gown designs. latest colourss. new manners and tendencies. which will fit to your marrying subject. B ) New designs and alone manners of marrying bar were showcased and savoring premium bars.

degree Celsius ) Marrying jewelleries.

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Wedding Expo Narrative Report Sample
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vitamin D ) Photo booth with promotional points.vitamin E ) Wedding Videographydegree Fahrenheit ) Assorted manners of picture taking such as black and white. digital infrared picture taking etc…g ) Different locales and ideal scene were presented.H ) Creative invitation cards. alone souvenirs points were displayed.I ) Rent a espousal autosJ ) Make-up designs were besides demonstrated and nuptial hairdos.K ) Perfumes.cubic decimeter ) Wedding party saloon – cocktail partym ) Top Catering services besides joined the said event such as Hizon’s Catering.

Ybarra’s Catering. Tamayo’s Catering. Bizu Private Catering… N ) Website design.

The event was successful because a batch of invitee and pupils were present to detect new invention of the nuptials exhibition. The rivals on the event were enough ; you will derive tonss of thoughts. and programs in the hereafter. If you are a wise pupils or shoppers. most likely you will derive penetrations. detect new invention. new manners and tendencies. You can use or utilize this experience when you will be a future event leader.

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