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Why I am Choosing to be a Nurse

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    The reason why I want to pursue an advanced degree in nursing is that becoming a nurse practitioner will allow me to grow professionally and further develop as a nurse. I am applying to study to become a nurse practitioner because I truly enjoy the nursing field and making a difference in patients’ lives. I have been a registered nurse for the last five years, and it has been very rewarding. It is an amazing feeling to see that your interaction with a patient improved their quality of life, well-being, or simply their piece of mind. I love what I am doing, and I enjoy my job in the recovery room, but I also feel that I should never stop chasing my dreams.

    Why I am Choosing This Program of Study

    Nursing is not my first career choice. Initially, I was trained as an engineer like both my parents before me. In fact, they pick engineering for me; Nursing is my choice, a choice made as an adult. I have an advanced degree in civil engineering and that is one reason why I think that I would be successful in this program of study because I know how to work hard in college. I believe that with hard work, dedication and effort, a person can become anything in life. Nursing is not just a profession. It is what defines me as a person. Nursing is a way of living. A good nurse is not just a nurse for eight or twelve hours at work, a good nurse is also caring and loving and passionate about her identity as a nurse and about people at home, at church, and in the community. Another reason is that I want to be useful to people. I love helping my patients and seeing them getting better after surgery.

    One of my most favorite moments during my work day are when I am giving discharge instructions to my patients. I made sure that I am thorough so that they know how to take care of their health when they go home. I feel satisfaction doing post-op call to evaluate the effect of the teaching given to them at discharge. When I hear that there are no post-op complications and that they are thankful and doing great at home, I know that I am doing my job right helping people feel better.

    Plans Upon Completion of the Graduate Degree

    Upon completion of the graduate degree, my plans are to start working in a hospital. Direct patient care is one of the most purposeful opportunities and accomplishments that nursing offers and is another reason why I am choosing AGPCNP as my program of study. I would like to gain more hospital experience rather than clinic experience. Additionally, one of my life goals is also to work as a nursing volunteer in some capacity, and as a nurse practitioner, I feel that I would be more valuable in that role as a nurse practitioner than as a registered nurse. As I long term goals, I would love to see myself sharing the knowledge I gain along with my passion for nursing through teaching. Also, going back to school for more schooling is always a possibility for me because I believe that I should never stop learning; new goals continuously need to be set and achieved. Becoming a clinical instructor or a professor is a plan that I will pursue in a long run. To be able to achieve it, I need to become more experienced and knowledgeable so that I will have more to offer.


    A person should never stop learning. Everything is possible when you set your mind on it. Becoming a nurse practitioner is more than a dream for me. A dream that I believe is achievable and real. Becoming a nurse practitioner will allow me to grow professionally and reach my potential. Ultimately, I believe that it is never late to go for what I feel is my calling and that Alverno College is the right path for me to achieve my goals. While I am happy to be a registered nurse, I seek to support patients at a higher level, I am ready for a new challenge.

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