Advantages and Disadvantages of Skycaps Building

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Vertical farm is found and invented from Danish farmhouse back in the asses that attempted to grow cress which is have a peppery, tangy flavored herbs botanically that related to mustard. Vertical farm is a greenhouse-based method of agriculture, where commercially viable crops would be cultivated and grown inside multi-storey buildings that will mimic the ecological system. Safe and efficient methods of recycling organic wastes as well as the recycling of water wastes from sewage systems will be implemented.

The term “vertical farming” was coined in 1915 by American geologist Gilbert Ellis Bailey. Architects and scientists have repeatedly looked into the idea since then, especially toward the end of the 20th century. As information, indigenous people in south America have used this technique in their country. They have long used vertically layered food growing techniques, and the nice terraces of East Asia follow a similar principles. Today there are several country also use this technique to grow their plant such as European and several Sean countries.

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This is the figure of general vertical farm. This picture was also included the process and list of examples of the plant that can we plant. Each floor will have its own watering and nutrient monitoring systems. There will be sensors for every single plant that tracks how much and what kinds of nutrients the plant has absorbed. It also have a system to monitor plant diseases by employing DNA chip technologies that detect the presence of plant pathogens by simply sampling the air and using snippets from various viral and bacterial infections.

However there are two types of vertical farm whish is vertical farm as an open tower and vertical farm as an enclosed environment. Figure 1: open air tower The first perspective of vertical farming falls under the concepts proposed and lilt by architect Ken Yean who proposes that instead of hermetically sealed mass produced agriculture that plant life should be cultivated within open air, mixed-use skyscrapers for climate control and consumption as example a personal or communal planting space as per the needs of the individual.

This version of vertical farming is based upon personal or community consumption rather than the wholesale production and distribution plant and animal life that aspires to feed an entire city. Figure 2 : open environment This figure is show the second type of vertical farm. The second perspective of retrial farming was made by American ecologist Dry. Dickson Despoiler who argues that vertical farming is legitimate due to environmental reasons.

He claims that the cultivation of plant and animal life within skyscrapers will produce less embedded energy and toxicity than plant and animal life produced on natural landscapes. In a controlled environment the need for insecticides and pesticides would be eliminated. 2. 0 The Uses of the Process in the Market Skycaps is a vertical farm design proposal which mainly hosts local food production and distribution while at the same time contributes to the improvement of local environmental quality through water, air filtration and renewable energy production.

The skycaps is from an agriculture sector which is produce a local food production like vegetables, fruit and also some fresh herbs Through lifting the main food production field high up in the air, the vegetation’s gain more exposure toward the natural sunlight and fresh air while the ground level becomes more freed up with nicely shaded open spaces which could be enjoyed by the public. The bio mimicry of the tree form gives many structural and environmental advantages to form a light weight efficient space frame which loud host diverse farming activities.

The four major components which are the root, trunk, branch and leaf each have their own spatial characteristics which are suitable for various farming conditions. While the upper portions provide open to air farming decks for medium based vegetation’s, the lower portions enclosed by the structural skin provide more controlled environments for solution based leafy productions. During daytime the photovoltaic panels generate electricity to be used for night time lighting and heating to support farming. The Urban Skycaps creates a mini ecosystem which brings balance back to the urban immunity.

The Urban Skycaps will become a nice destination place for people seeking for fresh food, air and relaxation within their busy urban life. Urban Skycaps proposes a way to resolve future problems such as land shortage, deforestation and environmental pollution followed by over population. By utilizing hydroponics systems as substitution of soil based agricultural extensions, vertical farms can produce food more efficiently and healthily with supplementary heating, lighting and moisturizing within a controlled environment.

As a net zero energy facility, the Urban Skycaps uses renewable energy produced by solar and wind energy only and saves the overall amount of embodied energy used during the process of production, transportation and distribution of food products. The Urban Skycaps proposes to create an agricultural hub for the local community which hosts social, environmental and economical activities to enhance trade, improve the environment and benefit the local market and community. 3. Advantages of Skycaps Process Aside from the main objective of giving the damaged agricultural resources the chance to rehabilitate and re-develop biodiversity, vertical farming as a self- sustaining method of food production will also bring the following possible benefits: 1 . Crops will be protected from harsh weather conditions and disturbances. First advantages of skycaps is crops will be protected from harsh conditions and disturbances. The harsh conditions and disturbance are like tsunami, typhoons, hurricanes, flood, droughts, snow and others.

The process of producing food as food transportation was also always in the good condition and not damage by any insects. 2. Cheap abundant water The ongoing drought in the western United States has made water scarce and even unavailable in some water districts. In California, for example, the cost of water is reaching new pinnacles, causing growers to switch from high water use produce to more value-added crops such as fruit, nuts, and grapes. Farmers are using less water with drip irrigation.

The high cost of drilling new wells forces relocation of farm operations to new areas closer to the ocean, resulting in salt intrusion wells 3. Crops will be consumed immediately upon harvest since there is no need to transport them to far-off places. The crops will be used immediately after harvest because the production which is have to use immediately. The harvest from skycaps no need to transport them. So the damage vegetables will be less. 4. The use of chemicals as pesticides will be eliminated. As we know some of a farming agriculture use a chemical fertilizer to accelerate plant growth in their farm.

But they do not take more care to the consequences in using of chemical fertilizers. The chemicals fertilizers can make people suffer vector borne disease. Vector-borne diseases are illnesses caused by pathogens and parasites in human populations. Every year there are more than 1 billion cases and over 1 million deaths from vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, sadomasochists, human African transportations, lesbianism’s, Chase asses, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis and incarcerations, globally.

So with using skycaps we can prevent a vector borne disease because this approach only use an organic fertilizer. 5. Waste reduction In skycaps building fast foods and restaurants in the skycaps building will be composted in every skycaps building and this style can make to less garbage for rats and cockroaches to thrive on. 6. Can always growth even the climate change Along with climate change, these increasing challenges have led us to rethink ways we can grow food in a more affordable, efficient, secure manner.

A inception solution that has evolved is that our produce and food can be grown in an environmentally sustainable controlled climate that is free of chemicals and pesticides and that greatly reduces the risk of bacteria and viruses. 7. Overall wellness The skycaps building will make an environment clean from any disease. This is because city wastes will be channeled directly into the farm building’s recycling system, hence, less bacteria can find its way in the environment and the atmosphere. 4. 0 Disadvantages of Skycaps Process.

In fact, the advantage of providing additional employment cannot be cited as such, since the system will require much automation. The disadvantages of the skycaps is : 1. Many people will unemployed When the skycaps process exist many people will be unemployed. This is because The skycaps will require many automatic work. So the other occupations like farming, delivery drivers, garbage collectors and even garbage scavengers will be placed at a disadvantage. 2. The initial phase will had some difficult and hardness. The difficult in the initial phase is like in initial phase it will be cost intensive.

Certain flaws integrated in the system which is may appear during its initial run can still make an efforts slow for its full minimization. 3. Fewer variety of foods People have a less food to choose from skycaps building because not all plants and vegetables are suitable in a controlled and limited environment. As we know in the skycaps building only supply plants or vegetables which is suitable in controlled and limited environment. 4. The public will find it hard to reconcile with the idea of using black water for food production.

The whole idea may seem too ambitious and there are mixed reactions about the concept of vertical farming and the recycling of black water 5. Requires a lot of electricity. There’s only so much sunlight you can reliably capture with a vertical farm. So it have to rely a lot on artificial light. This is expensive. Depending where you live, it’s also environmentally harmful, as electricity may be generated using fossil fuels or coal. 6. All the infrastructure is elsewhere. Growing the food is only one part of the equation.

The other part is processing the food. It have to move the processing plants into the city as well in order to keep the shipping down for truly local food. This presents its own sets of problems, such as scaling down existing processing infrastructure to go vertical, cycling waste products and waste water from processing plants, and dealing with the inevitable pollution issues. 5. 0 How the process is use in the business world i. Profit making Skycaps process will make some profit to the business world. While making the skycaps, it can reduce a waste.

So we can produce more plant, vegetables which is produce from this process can sell to the market. If the waste is less while making the plant or process the plant so we can sell more plant in the market and the customer can buy more vegetables. When get the profit it can make more plant and can buy more seed to produce a lot of vegetables. i. Entrepreneurial skills. In make skycaps, the entrepreneur can improve their entrepreneurial skills. Skycaps is about to make a building which is have vegetables, plant, fruit that far away from any insects and also bad weather.

The plant that can growth smoothly in the skycaps building is the plant which is suitable in controlled and limited environment. This problem may develop an entrepreneurial in thinking skills. They have to think how to arrange the structure of the plant tidily and systematic. They also have to finished up the plant or sell up the plant to make the environment clean and make sure there are no waste. So it can reduce the waste from the plant. In this situation, an entrepreneur can develop and show their skills to market the plant, vegetables and fruits to the customer.

Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship in making skycaps is also use in the business world. As a proven, Cody Hopkins which is a success entrepreneur have a success by make his own skycaps. Driven by a sense of community and a desire to return home to rural life, Cody Hopkins and his wife Andrea Todd founded Falling Sky Farm which is a diversified, grass-based, livestock farm with a mission to provide technical, processing, marketing, and organizational support to develop a refutable and environmentally-friendly community of farms in central Arkansas.

This community of farms now serves as the backbone of a local-food system that both works in harmony with nature and reinvigorates a local economy that has historically existed on the margins. The two organizations regularly conduct festivals, farm days, on-farm community meals, and experiential opportunities for customers and potential growers. 6. 0 Conclusion As a conclusion, the skycaps is the practice of cultivating plant life within a skyscraper greenhouse or on vertically inclined surfaces. The modern idea of retrial farming uses techniques similar to glass houses, where natural sunlight can be augmented with artificial lighting.

While it is look very exciting and beautiful design it have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of this process have seven advantages. Firstly, crops will be protected from harsh weather conditions and disturbances, secondly cheap abundant water. Thirdly crops will be consumed immediately upon harvest since there is no need to transport them to far-off places. Bothersome, the use of chemicals as pesticides will be eliminated. Fourthly,waste reduction. The next advantage is skycaps can always growth even the climate change.

The last advantage is overall wellness. In all process must have their own disadvantages. The disadvantages of skycaps have six disadvantages which is many people will unemployed, the initial phase will had some difficult and hardness, fewer variety of foods, the public will find it hard to reconcile with the idea of using black water for food production, requires a lot of electricity and the last is all the infrastructure is elsewhere. But in conclusion is not gain many profit anyway to the world because this process quire very high cost info more land to support the building.

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