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Ganesh Vandana speech- Jaisa ki Doston Hamare civilization me jab koi subh kariye karte hain to hamare vighan harta ganpati Ganesh KO pratham nimatran dete hai to kyun na aaj ke fest Ka aagaj ganpati ganesh ke vandna ke saath Karen. So set your custodies together for the first public presentation.  Sai Bhajan speech-Shirdi Sai Baba remains a really popular saint particularly in India. and is worshipped by people around the universe. He is claimed to hold had no love for perishable things and his sole concern was self-fulfillment. He taught a moral codification of love. forgiveness. assisting others. charity. contentment. interior peace. and devotedness to God and guru. Sai Baba remains a really popular saint. particularly in India. and is worshipped by people around the universe. Sai Bhajan by. . Kuldeep. Civil. 2nd twelvemonth. About kuldeep. He has been the best vocalist in assorted high degree vocalizingcompetitons.

Solo Dance-Dance is a manner to show emotions. A solo dance is danced by an single dance entirely. as opposed to twosomes dancing together but independently of others dancing at the same clip. if any. and as opposed to groups of people dancing at the same time in a co-ordinated mode. Solo terpsichoreans are normally the best terpsichoreans in a group or dance school. They normally dance at the borders of the street so that the sing public can appreciate their moves. Now HOLD YOUR BREATH FOR another dance public presentation. . Anchor-1: That was so a lovely public presentation. How bewitching! poesy of footfalls! ! A blend of cosmic melody and godly music! .

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Gagandeep. mech. 3rd twelvemonth. Dance song- ( Phulkari )

Pyar karn Da Fayda-payar karn district attorney fayda sunburn hove. jekar dil di nu khich hove. baithe hoiye bhaven door-door. gallan do te matlav ik hove. jekar duniya sanu March six deve. Asin do te kabar sadi ik hove! With the same feeling. we have this bhangra with us. .

Swati. Ece. 3rd twelvemonth. Dance song– ( Mahiya )Jab gasoline rates bahut jayada Ho jayege Tho. . ashiq apni Mahiya KO kuch yu kahenge Sone Di Chabi Mahiya Sone Di ChabiMahiya Petrol Hoya Mehnga Cycle Te Chal Mahiya

Following performing artist is Swati executing dance on vocal “Mahiya” . . degree Celsius ) Prerena. Ece. 3rd twelvemonth. Dance song- ( Mix )Husan Dita Sohniye nu-Kehnde rabba devil tree husn je tu sohneya nu. Te kahte ditiyan magrooriyan Ne. pehle patt K putt begane fir langdiyan vatt K ghuriyan Ne. je puchiye eh qi kita ariye tu. Te kehngiyan chhad ve areya majburiyan Ne. Ladkiyo ki adaye koi samaj nahi sakha. but prerena koisish kar rahi samjane qi by her lovelydance public presentation degree Celsius ) Parwinder. Ece. 2nd twelvemonth. Dance song- ( Surkhiyaan ) Genie: Hukam aaka? Man: Ghar se dunai tak route banani hai Jinn: Mushkil hai aur koi kaam bataiye Man: Meri biwi KO aagyakari aur samajhdar bana do. Jinn: Road individual banani hai ya dabule. . Apne samne agli public presentation lupus erythematosus ke rahe hai vitamin D ) Uttkarsh. Guest Appearance Dance song- ( Mix )Wife – kitchen se aji sunte ho aajkal mai khubsurat hoti ja rahi chromaticity. Husband – : tumne kaise jana Wife: – aaj kal meri khubsurti dekhkar rotiyan bhi jalne lagi hai. .

kuch asi hello public presentation hai.vitamin E ) Poonam. EE. 2nd twelvemonth Dance song- ( “Bgha Bochniyaa waali” ) Na ishq karna mere yaar ye ladkiya bahut satati hai na karna in par aitbar ye kharch bahut karwati hai recharge stomach karwa ke dete Ho or figure mera lagati hai let’s look into out. this dancevitamin E ) Payal. CSE. 4th twelvemonth Dance song- ( “Pyar aya-2” ) Arz hai unki galiyon ke chakkar kaat kaatte kutte hamare yaar Ho gaye. wo to hamare na Hos sake par busyness kutton ke sardar Ho gaye ishq ke maaro qi halat Tho aap samaj hello gaye aab ye public presentation dekhiye. . vitamin E ) Supriya. CSE. 4th twelvemonth Dance song- ( “Aaja nachale” ) Na ishq karna mere yaar ye ladkiya bahut satati hai na karna in par aitbar ye kharch bahut karwati hai recharge stomach karwa ke dete Ho or figure mera lagati hai let’s cheque out. this firing dance public presentation vitamin E ) Pardeep. ECE. 3rd twelvemonth Dance song- ( “ ” ) Hotho se jo choo liya. Ehsaas Aab tak hai. Aankhe Nam hai. Aur sanso mein Aag aab tak hain Aur kyo na ho Khayi Bhi to ‘HARI Mirchi’hai let’s cheque out. this dance.

Solo Singing Singing is the act of bring forthing musical sounds with the voice. and augments regular address by the usage of both key and beat. Since vocalizing is a co-ordinated act. it is hard to discourse any of the single proficient countries and procedures without associating them to the others. There are eight constituents of the ideal cantabile position: Hip-hop utilizations knaping. the rhythmic bringing of rimes in a rhythmic address over a round or without accompaniment. Scientific surveies suggest that singing can hold positive effects on people’s wellness. A preliminary survey based on self-reported informations from a study of pupils take parting in choral vocalizing found perceived benefits including increased lung capacity. improved temper. emphasis decrease. every bit good as perceived societal and religious benefits. In many modern dad musical groups. a lead vocalist performs the primary vocals or tune of a vocal. as opposed to a backup vocalist who sings backup vocals or the harmoniousness of a vocal. In European classical music and opera. voices are treated like musical instruments.

Scholars agree that vocalizing is strongly present in many non-human species. Wide dispersion of singing behaviour among really different animate being species ( like birds. Gibbons. giants. and worlds ) strongly suggests that singing appeared independently in different species. Presently there are about 5400 species of animate beings that can sing. At least some singing species demonstrate the ability to larn their vocals. to improvize and even to compose new tunes. [ 29 ] In some carnal species singing is a group activity ( see. for illustration. vocalizing in gibbonfamilies. [ 30 ] )

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