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The poem The Winter Mouse” reflects on the themes of death, the cycle of life, and nature. The speaker uses imagery of the mouse as prey for predators like the weasel and crow, and the harshness of winter as a time of hibernation and death for many animals. The tone of the poem is dark and unforgiving, portraying nature as harsh and merciless.”

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“Globe shrunk tight” could be speaking about a microcosm which could intend the subjects of the verse form are brooding to the wider universe.

Line 2

“Round” could associate with the rubric and subject rhythms of decease and metempsychosis because wood anemones are iconic of the spring clip and decease is really outstanding within the verse form. “Dulled wintering heart” is descriptive of the mouse and how it is deceasing and in the winter of its life. This besides links with the seasons and decease subjects as it’s the decease of the twelvemonth and the clip of twelvemonth when much wild life is either dead or hibernating.

Line 3

“Weasel and crow” are marauders of the mouse and “moulded in brass” would do it look as if the mouse can non touch them or harm them go forthing the mouse powerless. There are two comers on this line which slows it down and gives it a crawling feel as if the animate beings are runing or being hunted.

Line 4

“Outer darkness” the marauders are everlastingly in the darkness waiting to kill the mouse and other quarry.

Line 5

“Right minds” This could be stating that the mouse and other quarry wouldn’t go in to the dark in there sane heads. This is a short line and could be intended to be read fast this could stand for the bosom whipping faster because the mouse is near decease and fighting for breath or because a marauder is near.

Line 6

“Other deaths” could mention to the deceases of things in winter. “She…ends” could be speaking about the mouse being ready to decease or Mother Nature perusing the terminal of winter.

Line 7

“Stars” this could be the stars of luck and in winter the stars are barbarous because a batch of things dice and it’s harder to last.

Line 8

“Pale” would propose that either all the blood has gone or that the tegument is malnourished because its winter. “heavy … metal” this makes it look as if its truly difficult to travel possibly the carnal hasn’t eaten much because it winter.


Death. the rhythm of life. nature. marauder vs. quarry. endurance.


The done is really dark and cold words like wintering and barbarous do the verse form seem harsh and unforgiving much like nature.

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