Assignment Swedish Daddies

When trying to achieve some type of balance between work and family it is serious to your physical and also mental health. When seeking a balance I will try to negotiate with my current employer on the hours have to take on or I will simply find me a career that fits into my family time. Corporate America can be the type of work for me if it is flexible most flexible time is the easiest to work and also the most requested. Most flextime has flexibility in when you arrive and departure and also when you take your lunch break. Most organizations that have flexible working hours or days will continue to have employers of choice.

Employees has frequently ranked flexible hours or days schedules number one on their list of jobs. Work and family balance has come one of the most important benefits when choosing an employees work place. This shows that workplace flexibility grows business productivity, and also increase parental involvement in children’s activities; improve an employee’s health and allow older workers to remain secure in their work, and support both the parents to be working caregivers. These companies set arrangements to attract brilliant employees who want more freedom and control over their work hours and days.

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There is indication that maternity pay is good for business in the United States. The government should have a role in taking the responsibility or paid maternity leave. Australia was one of the first countries in the world to provide paid maternity leave. This would be a big support to pregnant women. And also the husband or father of the child. When a company provides paid maternity leave this is not only beneficial to the women but the employer also gain terms of retention rates, return on investment in staff, and improve the loyalty and morale of the employee.

During the first two years in a baby’s life it is very important time. The baby needs a lot of love and care from both of their parents. He or she also requires a lot of time, and attention. Some jobs know that and offer maternity leave. Most women are forced to put their careers and also their financial future on hold and at risk because they want to have children. My opinion is that it is hard to raise a child when you are forced to go back to work because of financial reason. Without work, you would not be able to support and give yourself and child what’s needed.

Some parents are forced to put their child in daycare which, someone else may be raising your child, this will also lead you to ask the question, is my child being raising the way I want he or she to be raised? That’s another reason why we need maternity leave. Fathers are already used to maternity leave, and for that reason being is because mothers needs to take time to rest from their job during their healing after giving birth to their newborn child. But now fathers can take paternity leave also. From this day there are question whether fathers should take paternity leave or not.

After all, fathers who take paternity leave can be very helpful when it comes to taking care for their family. There are some people who disagree with paternity leave. They believe that men who don’t take paternity leave will not have a close legislation with their children as to men who does take paternity leave. So the men who takes paternity leave do not have to be afraid to become unemployed because of taking paternity leave, because some companies provide paternity leave to fathers so they can take care of their family, and also help the mother out.

Specialized organizational arrangements should be made for workers who combine their career and trying to raise their child with their work. It’s hard trying to raise a child and work at the same time. Kids need help in every area of life when they are growing up especially their teenage years. Employers that as a flexible workplace policies put in place that help employees achieve a satisfactory work and family balance may not only experience lower complaints of unlawful discrimination, but they may also gain their workers, and their customer, interest.

A lot of studies have shown that flexible work hours or days policies improve employee productivity, reduce absenteeism, trim down costs, and affect profit in a positive way. The benefits of these programs needs to remain persistent regardless of how the economy, and some employers have equipped work and family balance flexibility programs as an replacement to the ark place. A company does not have an obligation to give employees flexibility to work out family and career that is right for the employee.

Most companies will try and work with the employer the best way they can. Social responsibility has become an important requirement for most firms looking to influence consumers and employers to their firm. These organization are focused on doing good in the world of business. Organizations that implement social responsibility as part of their business design has proved that no matter how large or small the commitment is, this is how you take effect in corporate philanthropy. This goes a long way, both for the company and the cause.

When an organization is flexible this can be helpful to both the business and to the employee From the employee’s, standpoint flexible work and family balance may permit more freedom to organize and balance out their work to fit in with other things in their life. When an organization has a flexible benefit program put in place this will allow employees to construct a benefit program that meets their needs and also their budget. Employees can accept these programs or opt out of them depending on the employee’s needs.

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