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The play Antigone by Sophocles, written in the fifth century BCE, still holds relevance in today’s modern society. The play portrays human nature at its best and worst, with lessons that can be applied to current political situations. Creon’s mistakes that lead to his downfall have a direct correlation to those in power today who have a responsibility to their people. Antigone’s devotion to her family is a model for the passion and dedication family members should have for each other. Although uncommon in today’s ego-centric society, her courage and devotion still exist in those who show true loyalty to their loved ones. The play serves as a reminder to learn from past mistakes in order to avoid making them again in the future.

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The fifth century before the Common Era seems so long ago. yet the literature written in the clip period has stood the trial of clip. Sophocles’s play “Antigone” has many lessons that can be transverse applied to the present. Creon’s series of bloopers which finally lead to his autumn from power and felicity has a direct deduction on today’s modern society. Antigone’s trueness to her family is a theoretical account for the passion and devotedness household members should hold for each other. Through “Antigone” Sophocles portrays human nature at its best and worst.

Those who are in power have an duty to the people they rule. Creon. while seeking to follow this general rule. gets caught up in his jingoism and megalomania. This is a parallel to those who hold the power in the twenty-first century. George Bush. the President of the United States. has the responsibility to stand for his people. He failed his people much as Creon did. by engaging a personal war taking back to his father’s term a decennary earlier. Creon did non hold the support of the people when he implemented his edict. merely as George Bush did non hold the proper international backup when he carried out his blood feud.

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Tiresias urged Creon to turn over his penalty. yet Creon remained confident in his place. When Creon eventually realized the blooper he had made it was excessively late. and he suffered the loss of his boy and married woman. This mirrors the political state of affairs before Gulf War Two ; the universe urged President Bush to reconsider the ultimatum which was given the Iraqi authorities. Bush remained fixed in his political orientation and as a consequence America has endured over 500 casualties.

Antigone’s courage and devotedness to her household is undeniable. She knew that even though she could non physically bury Polynecies. she had to carry through the load of resting her brother’s spirit. Devotion such as that exercised by Antigone is uncommon in our mordern ego functioning society. Although uncommon. Sophocles’s analysis is still relevant. When a fireman saves a kid from a firing edifice or person honkytonks into the ocean to deliver a submerging victim they are moving courageously. much in the same visible radiation as Antigone.

When Sophocles wrote the drama “Antigone” he non merely entertained his audiences of the clip. but wrote a chef-d’oeuvre that would last throughout the ages. Antigone’s courage lives on through the few who show true devotedness to their households and friends. The lessons learned through Creon are non being taken into history as seen with President Bush. We of the twenty-first century demand to look back to the yesteryear in order non to do the same errors outlined by Sophocles so many old ages ago.

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