Courage, Loyalty and the Human Spirit in Lord of the Flies

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Courage, Loyalty and the Human Spirit “Lord of the Flies” is a thought-provoking novel, written by Nobel Prize winning author William Gilding; about a group of British schoolboys who get stuck on an isolated island, and try to fend for and manage themselves; with catastrophic results. As the tale progresses, it becomes very clear that courage, loyalty and the human spirit are much more significant than human brutality as themes in the novel. In the face of human brutality, many characters show courage; acting appropriately and for the good of the group.

Loyalty is a very important theme in the novel, simply because, without it, the majority of the characters would not have survived or worked together in the face of brutality and treachery. The theme of the human spirit is portrayed countless times, as the boys fight to overcome human brutality and be rescued. The courage shown by some characters as the novel progresses is very significant as it shows how the boys are absolutely determined to be rescued, overcoming all of the hardships that face them including the brutality that some of the others show.

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In the novel, Piggy is always considered an “outcast”; not fitting in with the “Littleton”, yet not fitting in with the “begins” either. He is subject to ill-treatment because of his physical weaknesses by the others, especially by Jack. Nevertheless he stands up to them and criticizes Jack, a feat which no-one else, other than Ralph would do; for his way of dealing matters, and the lack of cooperation that the hunters have shown, even though he himself is seen as a fool by most of the others. “Which is better – to e a pack of painted naggers like you are, or to be sensible like Ralph is? “Which is better?to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill? ” Which is better, law and rescue, or hunting and breaking things up? ” (Piggy; IPPP) This quote represents how Piggy has the nerve to condemn how the hunters and Jack are acting, even though he is being Jeered by them, and stones are being dropped near him. Piggy’s courage in being able to speak and stand up to the savages in the midst of Ralph and Jack fighting and the hunter’s detestation of him, like a beacon of light in darkness, makes t obvious that courage is a much more important theme than human brutality is in the novel.

Loyalty is a very important theme in the novel, as without it, in the face of brutality and treachery, many of the boys would have succumbed to the human brutality and savagery much earlier. Even when many of the boys desert Ralph, several characters demonstrate their loyalty and determination by sticking it out with Ralph and supporting him. Muff got to be tough now. Make ‘me do what you want. ” (Piggy; Pl 14) “Piggy’s right, Ralph. There’s you and Jack. Go on being chief. (Simon; Pl 16) Piggy and Simon are loyal to Ralph from the beginning of the novel, firmly believing that he is the rightful leader. Piggy stands up for Ralph when Jack challenges Rally’s leadership. He and Simon help Ralph out of depression to convince him that he is the better leader, and that he should not give up his leadership role Just to succumb to Jacks brutality. Should they have not remained loyal to Ralph, supporting him, it is clear that human brutality would have taken its s clear that loyalty is a much more significant theme than human brutality.

The theme of the human spirit is portrayed countless times, as the boys fight to overcome human brutality and ignorance in order to be rescued. From the beginning of the novel, human spirit is exemplified through Ralph fighting to keep the fire going, so that they could be rescued. “The fire is the most important thing on the island. How can we ever be rescued except by luck, if we don’t keep a fire going? Is a fire too much for us to make? (Ralph; polo – IPPP) In this quote, it can be seen that Ralph is questioning the group, asking why they can’t simply keep a link to civilization.

It shows how he is determined to show the group where they are in the wrong, so that they can try and learn from their mistakes, so as to bounce back from the incident where the hunters were negligent; and return with an even stronger a will to be rescued than before. This way, it keeps the spirit of civilization alive so that human savagery does not take its hold on the boys at that moment. Thus, it is evident that the human spirit is a much more essential theme than human brutality in this novel.

Throughout the novel, human brutality is prevalent; with Jack and his savages spreading fear and cruelty. Nonetheless, this is what brings out the virtuous qualities in Simon, Ralph and Piggy, which are essential in combating and striving to prevent human brutality from transpiring. The courage, loyalty and human spirit which is illustrated within the characters; successfully and most definitely overcome the human brutality that the author has embedded within Jack and his hunters. Hence, they are much more significant themes in the novel than human brutality.

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