The Lord of the Flies(William Golding) vs. Sympathy of the devil (Mick Jagger) Sample

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Did you of all time asked yourself who or what is the Satan? What it represents in human Society and whether it exists in any signifier or non. The book “The Lord of the Flies” by William Golding is compared to the vocal ” Sympathy for the Devil ” by Mick Jagger in this essay. to demo that the Satan is in everybody where and how he appears in forepart of us. that the Satan is lifelessly and whether we can defy him when he faces us. In “The Lord of the Flies ” Jack represents an evil figure that leads the huntsmans group against the original group led by Ralph which gets smaller and smaller. Because of Jack’s evil actions. like seting a pig’s caput in fount of the monsters hole. His whole group follows him because they have ever plenty to eat and imbibe and they fundamentally do what they want to. but if person disobeys Jack’s orders he will be punished. Fear is a factor that makes his whole group do whatever he says. even to kill. Similarly in ” Sympathy for the Devil ” the Satan himself explains that he is around us and can be in everybody. The phrase: ” I shouted out “”who killed the Kennedy’s? ”

“When after all it was you and me. ” Tells us that the individual that murdered the American president toilet F. Kennedy was influenced by him as is anyone who does non right and which leads to decease. In “The Lord of the Flies” the Satan appears in one signifier. The hog caput that Jacks’s group stack on a stick and placed on the island. Simon is the 1 that seeks contact and faces him. but he can non reply because his lingua is frozen from the daze. He listens to the Satan that is the Lord of the Fliess and falls unconsciousness. On the other manus in “Sympathy of the Devil” The Satan appears as the felons and terrorists of our history who done bad and still be in everyone of us. although we see the Satan merely on occasions when we can non command our violent feelings we can against the people we live with. The enticements of the Satan frequently end in decease or some sort of penalty which are barbarous and violent. In “The Lord of the Flies” the Satan is lifelessly. Simon who sees the Satan himself and listens to him. dies when he runs back to state his friends about what he saw.

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The hog was killed by Jack’s group and turned from an animate being into a animal and Satans caput. The boys become violent and aggressive over a period of clip being led by a autocrat who does non frighten from killing people and animate beings. History reiterating itself in a little society without any hope of traveling back. and tempted by the Satan to kill. Jack who is led by the Satan kills the symbol of last civilisation. hope. encephalons. and logic. Piggy gets rock on his caput from the Satan and to rinse off and non allow this all remain he pulls him off a mountain so he will be forgotten by all. As in the ” Sympathy of the Devil” all brush with the Satan ends lifelessly as he explains it. When Jesus gets killed by the Romans in the name of Pilate. when the Russian revolution started in St. Petersburg he saw the putting to death of the Russian Tzar in WW1. He lived through the fright and bloodiness of WW2 where over 30 million people got killed.

” I rode a armored combat vehicle held a general’s rank. When the blitzkrieg furies and the organic structures sank” . He besides mentions that he is non merely in normal people but besides in really good people that prevent him from his concern like police officers and priests. “Just as every bull is a condemnable and all the evildoers. Saints …” . In many instances no 1 can defy the Satan because his enticements are excessively strong for anyone and that the good offers non every bit much as the bad. though it is the best. In the book from by William Golding no 1. except Ralph and Piggy. even tries to defy the bad because it offers them excessively much and when the clip comes to take the duty for whatever you have done to get all this so. and merely so u think what and how u could hold done it right. but still the following clip if there is a possibility you do non make anything other so the last clip. in the vocal by Mick Jagger there is no resists the devil owns everything and everyone even the timeline that is under his control. and we are the 1s who give him this control through our emotions and feelings towards the desirable and to carry through our nature of being happy for any monetary value.

Out of this we learn that the Satan surrounds us and can be in everyone. even the happiest. cutest and nicest miss or male child can be the Satan himself. which ever is true. Everyone who encountered the immorality did non last long. Simon is a good illustration what happens to people. Not many can defy the Satan. because even the purest and good persons have something to make with him. 902 words

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