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Jiezel Anne Villanueva, a student in ACT 3-BC1, provides a critique of the film Step Up 3D, which highlights the art of dancing alongside modern architecture and filmmaking. Jiezel believes that any form can be considered art as long as it is claimed as such and is aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. Through dance, the actors of the film communicated across cultural boundaries and expressed joy and satisfaction. Jiezel learned from the film and her HUM13 class that people dance for various reasons, including celebration, cultural learning, and exercise. The Vault, a converted warehouse and club, is a modern art exhibit with unique interior designs that inspired by the lifestyle of dancers. Additionally, Luke, a dancer and filmmaker, creates a documentary film that captures real-life events and people, rather than scripted actors.

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Art Appreciation Score: Name: Jiezel Anne Villanueva . Date: 8/30/12 Course/Year & Section: ACT 3 – BC1 . Professor: DR. REYNALDO A. PADILLA . STEP UP 3 – A CRTIQUE PAPER Step Up 3D is a film that honors the art form of dancing. But there are also various kinds of arts that can be found in the film including modern architecture and film making. In my own opinion, one is considered to be an art when one claims that it is an art and is appreciated by the viewer or aesthetically pleasing to one’s eye.

The film tells more of the story by incorporating all types of dance like street dancing, hip-hop, break dance, sensual tango, and tap dancing. The actors of the film speak best through movement and gestures. I also observed that the actors came from different cultures but through dancing, it’s a form of communication that needs no translation and communicates across all boundaries. The rival between the house of Samurai and the house of Pirates shows that dancing plays a huge part in their lives as it heightens one’s existence. Dancing gave them the feeling of enjoyment, happiness and satisfaction.

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I also learned in HUM13 the different reasons why people dance. People dance to celebrate, to allow individuals to learn about their own culture and to some people, they considered dancing as a form of exercise. In the movie, Moose also states the reason why they dance: “People dance because dance can change things. One move, can bring people together. One move, can make you believe like there’s something more. One move, can set a whole generation free. ” Moose said. The Vault, an old warehouse converted into a club, is considered as a modern art.

The interior designs are also inspired by the “Lifestyle of a Dancer”. There are three rooms in the vault that proves the modern art. One is where an entire wall is made out of a boomboxes, it is the place where the House of Pirates rehearse. Another room that I admire in the vault is similar to a trophy room where you could see the collections of different limited dancer shoes hang on the wall. There’s also a place in the vault which has padded curved wall and a hole in the floor full of bricks that the House of Pirates used for warm ups.

The architecture in The Vault is a good model of understanding that architecture will continue to evolve and it can be created beyond your wildest imagination Another form of art that can be found in the film is Film Making. Luke is a dancer and a filmmaker. He is making a film titled “Born from a Boombox” that focuses on real life and includes footage of events as they happened. Usually, the people in the film Luke was making are not really actors, they are not scripted. It documents reality. This kind of film is called documentary film.

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